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Analog & Digital Wireless Applications

 Bird Electronic Corporation offers state-of-the-art RF measurement products, loads, attenuators, and accessories for PCS, cellular, and related wireless applications.
Model 7005A VSWR Alarm/Monitor
APM-16 Digital-Ready Wattmeter and Elements

Model 4304A Broad-band RF Wattmeter
Model 4308 Cellular Specialist RF Wattmeter

Model 43 Average-Reading Wattmeter
Model 4300-300 & 43P Peak-Reading Wattmeter
Model 4391A Wattmeter with digital display.
Model 4380A computer interfaces for 4391A.
Higher-frequency elements for 43, 43P, 4391A.
Sampler & coupler elements for 43, 43P, 4391A. 
Model 4275 wide-band, adjustable sampler.
Model 4030 Field Strength Element.
Model 4041 Field Strength Meter.
Cases, power supplies, accessories.
Quick Change Connectors.
4240-Series coaxial adapter kits.
Convection and conduction cooled loads, 2-500W.
Model 8431 convection cooled load, 600W.
Oil dielectric loads and attenuators, 150-1000W.
Convection cooled attenuators, 2-300W.
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