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THRULINE Directional Wattmeter and Plug-In Elements for
Analog and Digitally-Modulated RF Signals


Bird developed the APM-16 for engineers and technicians who work with today™s increasingly common digital RF technologies, where accurate average power measurement with conventional CW-type wattmeters can be difficult and uncertain.

Read forward or reflected power instantly and accurately, regardless of waveform, by simply rotating the element.

The shock-mounted meter features a linear scale with mirror band to improve reading accuracy. Interchangeable QC connectors add to the APM-16™s versatility.

  • Accurately measures analog and complex digital RF signals.
  • Designed for CDMA, TDMA, FDMA, COFDM, and multi-carrier transmission systems.
  • Can be used for pre- or post-combiner power measurements.
  • Ruggedly constructed for demanding field use.

The APM-16 can accurately measure the output power of multi-carrier systems.

1W–1000W and 400MHz–2.3GHz for Cellular, PCS, and Other Wireless applications

APM Plug-in Elements
APM Plugin
This subset of available APM-16 elements covers 400-2300 MHz. Other elements extend the measurement range down to 2 MHz, making the APM-16 ideal as a high-accuracy, general-purpose HF wattmeter.

  • Customize the APM-16 to precisely match power and frequency  requirements.


2-30 25-60 50-125 100-250 200-250
2.5W APM-2.5E APM-2.5J APM-2.5K APM-2.5L APM-2.5M
10W APM-10E APM-10J APM-10K APM-10L APM-10M
25W APM-25E APM-25J APM-25K APM-25L APM-25M
50W APM-50E APM-50J APM-50K APM-50L -
100W APM-100E APM-100J - - -
250W APM-250E APM-250J - - -
500W APM-500E - - - -
1000W APM-1000E - - -



Power Range: 1 W to 1000 W.
Frequency Range: 2 MHz to 2.3 GHz.
Accuracy: 10 to 35 C: 4% reading, 1% full scale. -20 to 50 C: 6% reading, 2% full scale.
Peak/avg. Ratio: greater than 10 dB.
Settling Time: less than 1 second.
Meter: Shock-mounted. Linear, mirrored scales of 25, 50, and 100 for readings of 1W to 1000W full scale (includes 5% over-range.
Temp. Ranges: -20 to 50 C operating; -25 to 65 C storage.
Humidity: 95% 5% max. (non-condensing).
EMC: Complies with 89/336/EEC.
Emissions: EN55011. Immunity: EN- 50082-2 at 10 V/M.
Safety: Complies with EN61010-1.
Battery: Internal 9 volt "transistor" (NEDA No. 1604a) (100 hour life minimum).
Connectors: QC Type (Female N normally supplied).
Finish: Beige powder coat.
Nominal Size: 6 7/8"L x 5 1/8"W x 3 5/8"D, (175 mm x 130 mm x
92 mm).
Weight: 3 lb. (1.4 kg).
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