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RF Signal Detection and Relative Field Strength Measurement

Field Strength
Element and Meter

4030The Model 4030 Relative Field-Strength Element enables selected THRULINE wattmeters to detect the radiated signal of any transmitter from 2-1000 MHz.
A gain control adjusts sensitivity.
The Model 4041 Meter is a self-contained, compact instrument that performs the same functions as the 4030 Element.


  • Troubleshoot and optimize transmitters or antenna systems.


Frequency Range: 1 MHz-1000 MHz

Dynamic Range: 30 dB min.

Typical Sensitivity: Full-scale deflection at 8 ft. (2 1 / 2 m) from a 1 W, 150 MHz source through a quarter-wave antenna.

Output Characteristics: Model 4030 Field Strength Element is compatible with Models 43, 43P, 4305, 4314B, 4410, 4430, 4431, 4521, 4522, 4526, 4527. Not compatible with APM-16 or 4410A.

Battery Life: 100 hours min.

Battery Type: Model 4030: Three, 3V Lithium-Manganese Dioxide, cells (Duracell DL2032 or equivalent).

Model 4041: One 9V alkaline "transistor" batter (NEDA 1604A or equivalent).

Ambient Temp Range: 0C to +50C

Weight (includes batteries): Model 4030:3 oz (76 g).
                                                    Model 4041: 10 oz (283 g).

Cases, AC and DC Power Supplies, and Accessories


The following accessories represent the items most commonly used with the products in this catalog.

The Bird full-line catalog contains numerous accessories, adapters, cables, and other equipment for wireless communication, broadcast, and general RF applications

  • Protect and organize meters, elements, and other equipment.


CC-1 Case - Portable THRULINE Wattmeter* plus 6 elements.
CC-3 Case - Portable THRULINE Wattmeter* plus 3 elements and storage cavity for load or other device.
EC-1 Case - 12 Plug-in Elements, no meter.
4300-061 Case - Model 43 or 43P THRULINE Wattmeter plus load, signal sampler, QC Connectors and 4 elements.
4300-070 Case - Model 43 or 43P THRULINE Wattmeter plus test cable, screwdriver, QC Connectors and 15 elements.
4300-085 Case - 4391A POWER ANALYST plus signal sampler and 4 elements.
7000A850 Case - AT-100, AT-400 or AT-800 Antenna Tester.
3610-031 Dummy element/dust plug for THRULINE Wattmeters, line sections, etc.
5A2226 AC Power Supply, 230 Vac, for AT-Series Antenna Testers.
5A2229 AC Power Supply, 120 Vac, for AT-Series Antenna Testers.
5A2238-1 DC automotive power adapter for AT-Series Antenna Testers.

* Includes wattmeter Models APM-16, 43, 43P, 4304A, 4308, 4314B, 4410A, 4430, and 4431.

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