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SP-200 Series

Maxon's SP-200 Series radios deliver powerful communication with multiple scan modes to keep your access to information continuous and reliable.SP-200 Series
5 Watts of output power allows you to keep in touch in either VHF or UHF wherever the job takes you.
You'll see the productivity in your World rise with Maxon's palm-sized SP-200 at your side.

Multi-channel capability:
Up to 13 scan groups of up to 16 channels each.

3-Digit Channel Display
Top mount location makes the display easy to read

Keypad lock feature:
Prevents unwanted channel changes.

PC Programmable software options:
Customize the radio to your personal needs with multiple scan modes, CTCSS / DCS signaling, time-out-timer settings and more.

Priority lookback during scan mode:
Continually checks your priority channel for incoming messages.

Scan list and priority channel edit:
Keeps your most important communications clear by removing unwanted channels from the scan sequence.

Lightweight, compact styling:
Weighs less than 11.8 oz., and only 4-1/4" tall.

Locking accessory connector:
For a variety of audio options

Accessories / options

Batteries: 1350 mAh NiMH Battery pack with center mount belt clip (ACC-206); 1350 mAh NiMH Battery pack(QPA-1350).

Antennas: UHF Antenna, 440-470 MHz, 3-1/2", SMA (ACC-100); VHF Antenna,  uncut, 148-174 MHz, SMA (ACC-102).

Chargers: Dual slot / dual rate desktop charger (ACC-400K); 6-station universal gang charger (ACC-460); Charger cups for gang charger (ACC-462); Power supply, 110v AC. for use with ACC-400K (QPA-1411).

Audio: Ultra-lite headset with locking connector (ACC-616); Over the head noise attenuating headset requires ACC-506 adaptors (ACC-626); Behind the head noise attenuating headset requires ACC-506 adaptor (ACC-627); Behind the head noise attenuation head set (ACC-628); Ear bud speaker with in line P-T-T, microphone and locking connector (ACC-706); Lapel speaker microphone with ear jack, licking connector (ACC-726); Heavy Duty speaker microphone with audio earphone jack (ACC-727); Coil-cord earphone, use with ACC-727, (QPA-1424); Ear speaker, for use with ACC-726 Lapel speaker microphone (WTA-9F).

Carrying: Leather case with swivel (QPA-1491)p; Nylon case with belt clip (ACC-301).

Signaling: Two-tone decoder, high speed Reach tones, 800-3000 Hz(ACC-520); Two-tone decoder, low speed Motorola / GE tones, 280-1450 Hz (ACC-521)

Adaptor: 2-Pin to 1-pin accessory adaptor (ACC-506) Motorola is a registered trademark of Motorola, Inc.

Features / Functions

  • Multi-channel 199 frequency configuration.
  • 13 Scan groups with up to 16 channels per group.
  • Programmable 1 or 5 Watt per-channel RF power.
  • Programmable wide or narrow channel spacing.
  • 3-Digit channel display.
  • Keypad lock.
  • CTCSS / DCS Tone signaling.
  • Time-out timer.
  • User programmable scan list of group channels.
  • Priority lookback scan.
  • Dedicated scan/ priority button.
  • Single pin locking accessory connector.
  • Standard removable swivel belt clip.
  • FCC Certified for use in USA and its possessions and IC Approved for sale in Canada.

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