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Enduro� SM-6000 Series
VHF / UHF LTR & Conventional mobiles


LTR� / Conventional Radio Delivers

These versatile wideband VHF and UHF mobiles are one of the smallest available - delivering 40 Watts output power, multiple scan modes and operation in LTR trunked or conventional formats.
No matter what or where the work may be, the
SM-6150 and aSM-6450  Enduro mobiles are always up for the job.

200 System Capability
UHF: 32 Groups per System (LTR Trunked)
16 Channels per System (Conventional)
VHF: 25 Groups per System (LTR Trunked)
14 Channels per System (Conventional)

40 Watts Transmit power:
Programmable for 5 or40 watts by channel, for optimum communication range from any location.

CTCSS/DCS Tone Signaling:
Tones allow reception of calls from user group, and prevent unwanted calls.

Data Ready:
Dedicated data-only channel operation plus 15-pin connector for mobile data terminal, telemetry an SCADA applications.

2-Tone Decoder:
Calls a specific group or individual - compatible with Motorola�, GE�, Reach� and Plectorn�.

Flash Programming:
Allows for easy upgrades of radio firmware

Pair two mobiles together to create a single user repeater with Station ID

Features / Functions

  • Up to 200 Systems
    UHF: 32 Groups per System (LTR)
            16 Channels per System (Conventional)
    VHF: 25 Groups per System (LTR)
            14 Channels per System (Conventional)
  • 5 or 40 Watts Transmit power (prog. per channel)
  • CTCSS / DCS Tone signaling
  • 2-Tone decode (conventional)
  • Programmable repeater configuration
  • Dedicated data-only channel operation
  • Flash programming through front microphone jack
  • Per-System Automatic Number Identification (ANI) (encode only - up to 16 DTMF digits)
  • Multiple scan functions including manual Group, auto group in LTR trunked operation, Group, priority TX, priority only TX, priority lookback and talk-back in conventional.
  • Public address mode.
  • Talk-around mode
  • Programmable home System / Group
  • Programmable channel spacing (25 / 12.5 kHz)
  • Busy System queuing
  • 9-Character Backlit LCD with Icons
  • Backlit function control buttons
  • Time-Out Timer
  • Programmable volume settings
  • External speaker jack
  • Die-Cast aluminum chassis, polycarbonate faceplate.
  • FCC Certified for use in USA and its possessions and Canada Approved for sale /use in Canada

Accessories / Options

Audio: Heavy duty remote speaker (AA-1470A); Base station microphone (AA-702); Heavy duty mobile microphone (AA-732); Heavy duty DTMF mobile microphone (AA-733)

Power Supply: 110V / 220V AC, 10 Amp. 50% duty (MS-0730)

Options: Remote head Kit with 10' or 20' cable (RH-6010, RH-6020); High Power Amplifiers (HPK-VHF for the SM-6150, HPK-UHF for the SM-6450); Base station shroud (ACC-450).

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