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MPT 1327 Trunking Controller


MPT 1327 Dispatch & Interconnect
The Model 827 MPT Trunking Controller is a uniquely flexible building block which forms the basis of a fully-featured MPT 1327 system infrastructure. The switchless architecture of the Model 827 means that systems as small as 1 or 2 channels can be expanded in a modular fashion into a wide area, multisite network.
In addition to full MPT functionality, a system built around the Model 827 also offers extensive telephone interconnect capabilities including user-recordable voice prompts. Use of distributed processing ensures a high degree of system resilience for both single and multisite networks, minimizing downtime in the event of base station or link failure.
Extensive subscriber management and call detail recording facilities are available and may be remotely accessed for configuration and diagnostics purposes. With a large number of systems operating worldwide, compatibility with a range of base station and mobile/portable equipment is assured.



The MPT 1327 trunked mobile radio standard is internationally recognized for public and private radio systems. Zetron�s Model 827 Trunking Controller implements this standard in a single controller package along with integrated advanced telephone interconnect capability. Its modular design approach ensures a cost-effective system with expansion capability. Many features are incorporated into the controller.


The MPT 1327 open standard provides a highly capable and flexible trunked system. Users can choose from a wide range of equipment choices for both subscriber units and site repeaters, specific to their performance and investment requirements. At the heart of each MPT 1327 system is a dedicated digital control channel, where call requests and channel assignments are rapidly processed to provide fast user access. Group and individual
conversations are possible, as well as group announcements. If a called party is busy, a user can request a call back. Many other call types are also supported.
System operators gain extensive control and management of all aspects of their system. Due to the variety of highly configurable system and user parameters, one can optimize their trunking system for ideal performance, efficiency and security. For example, users can be required to log in using their mobile electronic serial number (ESN). Different fleets can be supported on the system. Within a fleet, individuals and groups can be identified and users given priority access. Emergency calls are fully supported and can even preemptively demand resources to ensure call execution. System statistics and billing summary data are also readily available is an exportable data format.

The MPT 1327 specification has structured call types with room for user definition. The following call types are supported:

  • Individual
    � Simple, Emergency, Priority, PSTN, PABX
  • Group
    � Normal, Emergency, Inbound, Broadcast or Conference, PSTN, PABX
  • Status
  • Inter-prefix Individual, Group, and Status
  • Registration
  • Non�Prescribed (traffic channel) Data
  • Include Call (individual or group)
  • Emergency call with preemptively clearing



  • Fully MPT 1327/1343 compliant Modular �plug and play� structure enables an economical building block approach to site development with expansion capability of up to 24 channels per site, and 32 sites per system
  • Individual Subscriber Validation plus Electronic Serial Number (ESN) checking
  • System configuration software is included and provides easy configuration setup and maintenance from a single local or remote connection
  • Intersite database programming allows multisite networks to be programmed and updated remotely from a PC, using only one physical connection to any site
  • External sense and internal alarm input monitoring
  • Four levels of user defined call priority in addition to the three MPT 1327 standard levels
  • Support for an extensive range of MPT 1327 call types
  • Emergency calls can be set to demand resources by preemptive clearing of existing calls
  • Three separate call queues for voice, phone, and busy mobile
  • Cyclic control channel operation for balanced repeater transmitter duty-cycle loading
  • Flash upgradable firmware/software
  • Supports "AHOY-P" � checks radio availability on traffic channels for members included in multi-site group calls. Sites with members not automatically responding to interrogation are withdrawn to make system resources available for other calls


  • Configurable for telephone interconnect interface, or audio link port for multisite networking
  • Internal voice prompts provide user-friendly dialing guidance for incoming calls
  • Least cost routing for outgoing telephone calls reduce toll charges
  • Line level balance settings accomplished via software
  • Built-in modem for dial-up database management
  • Built-in DSP (Digital Signal Processing) audio processing and echo canceling


Power 10.5 to 16 Volts DC, 12 Watts
Temperature 0 to 60 deg. Celsius
Size 48.3 cm W x 4.5 cm H x 26.3 cm D
Weight 3 Kg
Conforms to MPT 1327/1343 trunking standard. Supports radios compliant with MPT 1327/1352. Full-duplex or
half-duplex operation.
PTT Form-C relay closure
1 amp @ 30 volts max.
COR External COR/CAS, polarity select, Internal Squelch
Tx Audio Adjustable -40 to 3 dBm. 1K ohm impedance @ 1000hz
Rx Audio Adjustable -40 to 3 dB. Single or differential input 50K ohm impedance @ 1000hz
Connector 12 position detachable screw strip
Modulation Depends on transmitter
Line Type Configurable End-to-End (PSTN subscriber line/PABX extension) or 2- or 4-wire E&M
From Telco -24 dBm to +3 dBm
To Telco -20 dBm to 0 dBm
Signalling DTMF, Dial Pulse, MFR1, or MFR2
Connector RJ45-C
Adaptor RJ45-C to BT 631A plug, 3 meter
Progress Tones Dial Tone, Ringing, Busy
Modem Internal 300/1200/2400 baud modem (configurable to Bell 212 or CCITT V.22/V.22bis)
Ringer Equivalence 3
Incoming Call Programmable rings to answer
Call Answer Off-hook, tip-ring current draw
Call Disconnect Call progress tone detection (tone cadence is programmable), call limit timer, radio unit�s inactivity time-out, loss of loop current, DTMF # received from phone.
2- or 4-wire Private Circuit
Signalling E&M
Incoming Call Detection of voltage on E-lead
Call Answer M-lead is a 2 lead circuit with user selectable normally open/normally closed relay contact. Model 827 has M output lead and M return lead.
Call Disconnect Call Progress tone detection, call limit timer, radio unit�s inactivity timer, removal of voltage from E-lead, DTMF # received from phone.
Sites 32 sites per network
Channels 24 radio channels at a single site
Subscribers 5,000 subscribers expandable to 15,000
Groups 2000 group identities
Fleets 500 fleets
Record Types Registration, status, mobile-to-mobile, mobile-to-landline, and landline-to-mobile
Capacity Minimum 3656 to a maximum of 7313 records stored internally. Actual record size depends on call type. PSTN interconnected calls require twice the storage of other call types.
Stored Information Called/Calling prefix and ID, start date/time, call duration, channel and line assigned, dialed number.
Filtering Programmable minimum call time to store for speech and interconnect. Storage of registration and status records can be set to on or off.
Indicators Telco, Repeater, PTT, COR, Alarm, Bus, Status (VOX detect, FFSK Rx, FFSK Tx, poll, sync, not used, not used, not used, Telco Modem, Telco
Prompt Tones . Progress tones and voice prompts, error and warning tones and voice prompts sent to phone
Data Retention Retains data for over 8,000 hours when power is removed from unit. There is no drain on the battery when the unit is operating.
Real-Time Clock Typically 10 year shelf-life.
Programming Remote programming via PC using M827Base Database Programming Software.
Access via internal modem or local RS-232 port
Alarm Monitoring 3 specific system alarms plus 3 nonspecific
Alarm Inputs 0-5volts
Active: ground
Inactive: open circuit
Alarm Outputs 100mA - 10 Volts
Active: grounds control output,
Inactive: control output open circuit.
CE Approved
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