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Trunking Controllers


LTR Dispatch and Interconnect with Cross Busy
The Model 459 is the top-of-the-line LTR-compatible repeater controller. It provides both dispatch and interconnect, subscriber validation, airtime accumulation, interconnect call logging, and modem capability.
Built-in cross-busy enables user to share a radio with a conventional repeater controller and to share the radio channel with other conventional users. Cross-busy operation can be enabled or disabled on a per channel basis.

The Model 459 supports connection to a central PC to retrieve airtime billing records, to monitor real-time traffic, and to collect repeater loading statistics.



Years of experience with LTR� systems went into the design of the Model 452 and 459 Trunking Controllers. These products are cost effective, full featured LTR repeater controllers incorporating support for shared, conventional channel operation on the same repeater. Companion to the dispatch Model 452, the Model 459 is available for channels designed for telephone interconnect. A complete LTR trunking system consists of multiple repeaters equipped with one Model 452 or 459 per channel. Mixed and matched as needed for telephone line capacity, up to 20 controllers can be used on a system.

  • Telephone Interconnection�The Model 452 is a dispatch repeater controller. If telephone access to/from radio users on the system or networking with Zetron's FASTNet system is desired, one or more channels of the system is equipped with Model 459 controllers. Interconnect features include:
    �End-End (POTS), DID and 4-wire E&M trunk interfaces are available.
    �User recordable voice prompts
    �Built-in modem for programming and downloading of billing and statistical usage information
    �Dial click decoder is available for areas where rotary (pulse) phones are used instead of DTMF (TouchTone) phones
    �Call Detail Records of all phone calls are stored in memory. Up to 6000 calls per Model 459 can be stored until downloaded by the management computer over the built-in modem or RS-232 port.
    �Integrated audio compandor significantly improves audio fidelity when enabled in the radio and Controller.

  • Ghost Repeater IDs double the number of LTR IDs available per channel to 500 on systems up to 10 channels. This helps small fill-in systems support all the users from larger systems without running out of assignable LTR IDs.

  • Airtime Logging keeps track of prime and nonprime time used by each user. Up to 194 days of airtime is stored in nonvolatile memory until uploaded to the management computer.

  • Shared Channel Support makes adding the Model 452 or 459 to an existing tone panel equipped repeater an easy task. A dedicated connector on the back of the Trunking Controller coupled with dedicated hardware and software support inside the controller accepts the repeater connections directly from the tone panel. Installation is as easy as disconnecting the tone panel from the repeater, plugging it into the Trunking Controller and interfacing the Controller to the repeater normally. Operation of the tone panel is left unaffected, requiring no reprogramming of users or resetting of levels.

  • PC-based Programming simplifies system programming. Programming of all site specific and user profiles is performed off-line and subsequently downloaded to a controller at the site. Easy Installation is assured due to front panel access to all level controls and low-cost RJ-45 datastyle cables between the Controllers.

  • Highly Configurable software settings allow the Controllers to be customized for virtually any application.


  • Compatible with EFJohnson and Uniden data bus
  • Controls traffic so dispatch throughput is not compromised
  • Any �available� channel can be dynamically allocated for interconnect or dispatch
  • Compatible with two-wire, 4-wire E, MF-signaling, Type I telephone lines
  • Multi-site networking
  • Most commonly used at 450 Mhz
  • Records up to six different voice messages
  • AutoNet site-to-site networking
  • Selective Calling connects two half-duplex interconnect users over a single channel


Trunking Protocol EFJohnson� LTR
Capacity 250 IDs per channel, 500 per channel with Ghost Repeater setting, 5000 total per system
Front Panel Controls 12 position configuration dip-switch, 4 Wire E&M From and To Telco levels (M459 only), receiver audio, receiver data, squelch, transmitter audio, transmitter data
Front Panel Indicators Power, Sync, Poll (control bus activity), Status, Transmit, Decode
(valid LTR data), Carrier (receiver activity), DTMF and Telco (M459 only)
Power Requirements +10 to 16 VDC, 450 mA (M452), 550 mA (M459)
Environmental 0 to 65 degrees Celsius, 0-90% humidity non-condensing
Physical 19 inch rack mount; 6.95" deep, 17.2" inch wide tray, 1.75" high (M452) 3.5" high (M459), 4 lbs (approx.)
Transmit Audio Adjustable -30 to +6 dBm, 2 ohm impedance.
Receive Audio Discriminator or line level, adjustable - 30 to +10 dBm, 50 ohm impedance
TX Data Adjustable 50 mV to 2 V pk-pk, 1 ohm impedance
PTT Output FET transistor pulls to ground, 18 Volt, 100 mA max
COR input Polarity selectable, 2.5 V nominal threshold
Polarity selectable, 2.5 V nominal threshold
Control Bus 2 RJ-45, proprietary connectors bussing to other Model 452 or 459 units
Aux Interface Power, transmit, receive, PTT and carrier detect multiplexed inputs and outputs for external tone panel
Connector RJ-11
4 wire E&M levels Transmit: -24 to -9 dBm; Receive: -24 to +10 dBm
Modem 300 baud Bell 103 and 1200 baud Bell 212
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