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Peripheral Equipment Interface


To support direct connection of MAP27 peripheral equipment to Zetron�s MPT1327 trunking infrastructure, the Model 427 allows up to four separate 4-wire audio connections. In addition to supporting the MAP27 data interface protocol, the Model 427 includes an extended protocol set that allows it to operate as a multi-port device and to extend the status reporting and control capabilities.

The Model 427 interfaces directly to the trunk stack (Zetron�s Model 827, Model 844, and other Model 427s). In a command and control environment, the operators can perform many functions, such as voice calls, disabling users, reassigning channels, dynamic regrouping, deleting users, and management of status messages and data calls.



Providing a total system solution for MPT 1327 trunking entails much more than basic site controller equipment. In reality, trunking systems need to provide the capability of dedicated system access to special users who administer and maintain the system, as well as to dispatchers who need access to additional calling capability to manage radio subscriber fleets effectively. Zetron addresses this requirement with an innovative product and open approach to providing a system-level line interface. The Model 427 Peripheral Equipment Interface is a portal for trunked radio command, control and communications via the connection of value-added peripherals. User�s of Zetron MPT 1327 trunking systems often need to fulfill requirements for dispatch console capability � either single operator position, or in the case of larger utility or public safety applications � multiple operator positions.

The Model 427 offers an economical approach to providing direct system-level access to the trunking system for this purpose. In addition, technicians and administrators needing system maintenance and monitoring capabilities beyond that of typical dispatch operations are afforded this capability via the Model 427 using Zetron SiteWatch application software (provided with purchase).


The Model 427 makes it possible to have a line connected dispatcher. This, in addition to Zetron�s IntegratorRD wireless (radio control station access) dispatch solution, allows flexibility for dispatch operations in Zetron MPT 1327 trunking systems. Providing system access via line, wireless or both, is dictated by operational requirements such as budget and topography (coverage area). Whether the need is for a dedicated or redundant (backup) solution, Zetron addresses both requirements. In addition to making voice calls, dispatchers now have complete command and control over their Zetron MPT 1327 system and can perform many functions such as disabling users, reassigning channels, dynamic regrouping, deleting users, monitoring conversations in-progress in the system and data calls. In providing capabilities beyond those accessible by radio subscribers, total system and fleet management is now possible from a single operator position based upon need and access.


Each Model 427 is a slim 1U-high rack mounted unit that provides four interface ports - with each port consisting of an audio and data component. RJ-45 jacks provide 4-wire audio connection, along with DB-
9 connectors for RS-232C serial data control. These support direct connection of peripheral equipment (typically line dispatch or network maintenance PC terminals) to Zetron�s MPT 1327 trunking infrastructure.

At the site, the Model 427 interfaces directly to the trunking infrastructure �stack� (Model 827, 844, and other Model 427s). Embracing an open, non-proprietary approach to interconnection, Zetron designed this interface to be compliant with an open and published standard - MAP27 (Mobile Access Protocol for MPT 1327).


  • Four audio and RS-232 data links
  • Standard MAP27 interface protocol driver with custom extensions
  • Open protocol for third-party peripheral development
  • Programmable monitoring points
  • Real -time monitoring of dispatcher ID status
  • Site status monitoring
  • Site system control features
  • Forty-eight programmable, individual dispatcher ID assignments for speech, status and data calls


Power 10.5 to 16 Volts DC, 12 Watts
Temperature 0 to 60� Celsius
Size 483 mm W x 44.5 mm H x 263 mm D
Weight 2.6 kg
Line Type 4-wire or 4-wire E&M
From Telco -24 dBm to 0 dBm
To Telco -20 dBm to 0 dBm
Signaling E&M leads
Connector RJ-45C
4-Wire E&M Private Circuit
Speech and Data Voice audio, DTMF
Signaling E&M
Incoming Call Detection of voltage on E-lead
Serial Data Protocol Supports the Physical and Data Link Layer Interface described under sections 3 and 4 of the MAP27 for MPT 1327 Equipment Version 1.5 Specification.
Data Port Speed Common data rates up to 19.2 kbps
Data Port Capacityo System supports maximum of 32 ports per site
Audio Port Interfaces 32 per site
Radio Channels 24 radio channels per site
Sites 32 sites per system
Subscribers 5000-15,000 subscribers
Groups 2000-6,000 group identities
Fleetss 500-2,000 fleets per system maximum
Record Types Registration, status, short data (SDM2), mobile to mobile, mobile to landline, landline to mobile, landline to diverted mobile, multisite mobile to mobile, multisite land to mobile, multisite mobile to group, and multisite land to group.
Capacity Minimum 3656 to a maximum of 7313 records stored internally. Actual record size depends on call type. Landline to mobile, mobile to landline and multisite calls require twice the storage of other call types.
Stored Information Called/Calling prefix and ident, start date/ time, call duration, channel and line assigned, dialed number.
Filtering Programmable minimum call time to store for speech and interconnect. Storage of registration, status, SDM2s, call failures and informational multisite records can be set to on or off.
Indicators Links 1-4, ALARM, BUS, Subscriber Bus Poll, Repeater Bus Sync, Link 1-4 Signaling
Backup Battery Retains data for over 8,000 hours when power is removed from unit.
Real-Time Clock Synchronized by Model 827 bus master
Programming Remote programming via computer using M827BASE database program. Optionally, any Model 827 in the system can be used as a gateway to program the Model 427.
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