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Transmitter System Controller




The Model 68 is ideal for systems that require multiple transmitter links driven by a single paging terminal. In applications where high throughput is not an issue, the Model 68 provides cost effective transmitter control. It allows a Zetron Model 640 or 2000 Series paging terminal with a single radio control interface to selectively address multiple transmitters and transmitter systems.


The Model 68 Transmitter System Controller acts as a signal distributor for audio, modulated data, and control signals. Through zone addressing and sequencing, modem tones, remote control tones, analog paging tones, and voice pages may be distributed to multiple transmitters and transmitter systems.
Up to 16 links � link transmitters, wirelines, or microwave channels � may be used in any combination. The Model 68 comes with two transmitter control cards, which can each control a single transmitter. Up to 14 additional transmitter control cards can be installed.


The Model 68 is compatible with shared channel applications commonly required for PCP operators. The Model 68 monitors a COR or busy tone input obtained from a link receiver or a 4-wire interface from a remote transmitter site for channel activity before transmitting. The Model 68 forwards a channel �busy� indication back to the paging terminal so that the pages destined for that zone can then be stored by the paging terminal and
resent when the zone is clear.


  •  Ideal for controlling multiple transmitter sites via multiple links
  • Interfaces paging terminals to up to 16 transmitters/links
  • Wirelines, microwave, or radio links may be used in any combination
  • Inhibits paging to �busy� zones
  • Supports zone sequencing and/or simulcast operation
  • Compatible with Zetron 640 or 2000 Series paging terminals


Physical 5.25� high, 19� wide, 9� deep
19� Rack Mounting
Power Requirements 115 Volts AC +/- 10%, 47 to 63 Hz
22 Watts maximum
Card Slots 16 Transmitter control interface
Wireline interface Audio Transmit and Receive Pairs
Link radio interface PTT, COR, Audio
Input Audio Level 0 dBm nominal
Output Audio Level -20 to +4 dBm
Busy Tone Frequency Adjustable, 350 to 3000 Hz
Interface to Model 640 or 2000 Series Clock/Data Buss
Transmit Audio
Channel busy input
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