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MODEL 640 DAPTThe Model 640 DAPT XTRA is a dial-access paging terminal designed to provide advanced features for systems with moderate capacity requirements. The DAPT XTRA offers exceptional value by providing a powerful system in a compact package at an attractive price.
What makes the DAPT XTRA so powerful is a wide range of standard features - features that are costly options with other paging terminals.

With the DAPT XTRA�s power comes flexibility. The rich feature set means that the basic unit is suitable for almost any application. Specific configurations, such as telephone interface signaling and transmitter control parameters, are easily set in the field. Other functions automatically adapt to the requirements of the moment. For example, the telephone interface can handle voice, numeric, or alphanumeric message entry based upon which pager the user calls. Another example of this adaptability is access for system management: it can be connected either by modem through any dial-up line used for paging or by direct serial connection, depending on the method the system operator uses at the time.



  • 1,500 subscriber capacity
  • 280 seconds of pooled voice storage
  • Supports all popular analog and digital paging formats including FLEXTM
  • Canned alphanumeric messages
  • Repeat paging
  • Flexible programming of multiple pager groups
  • Priority paging with live breakthrough
  • Talkback paging
  • Subscriber call counts
  • System logs record details of every page sent Telco Interface
  • Support for alpha modem plus voice and numeric message entry on every telephone interface
  • Two telephone interfaces (expandable to four)
  • Field configurable for a variety of telephone line types Radio transmitter control
  • Remote transmitter tone control
  • 16 transmitter zone addresses
  • Sequential paging for up to 4 Tx zones
  • Transmits Morse code station ID Miscellaneous
  • System voice prompts
  • Easy on-screen programming with PC
  • Total operator control of system settings
  • Programming via any dial up line
  • Telephone line and radio channel traffic statistics
  • Call counting/accumulation
  • System alarm output




Call Capacity 1,500 subscribers
Signaling Formats 2-tone Motorola, GE, Reach (plus custom tones and timing); 5/6-tone;
FLEX 1600 baud; POCSAG 512, 1200, and 2400 baud, plus voice; Golay
Transmit audio Balanced 600 ohm transformer, 250 Hz to 3500 Hz +/- 1 dB, selectable flat tone or �6dB per octave de-emphasis
Receive audio Balanced 600 ohm transformer, adjustable level -20 dBm to +10 dBm
Format encoding Analog frequency accuracy +/- 0.02%, analog tone distortion < 0.2%, digital data stability +/- 2 ppm
Digital data RS-232 compatible  Field-programmable polarity and timing
CAS/COR input Selectable polarity TTL or contact closure
Transmitter request RS-232
Transmitter busy Selectable polarity TTL or contact closure
Station ID Field-programmable, Morse code at 1200 Hz and 20 wpm
Zone address select 4 binary outputs (for 16 zones), open collector, 40mA sink, up to 4 sequenced zones per page
Tone remote control Motorola PURC� (analog-type), transmitter address knockdown tones
Talkback paging 2-tone and 5/6-tone encoding Half- and full-duplex base stations
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