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The Model 64 DAPT-Plus Dial Access Paging Terminal is suitable for automated paging systems in factories and hospitals or for small RCC/PCP service. With the capability to encode the signaling formats required by most pagers and mobiles, this terminal easily automates existing manual paging systems. It is also suitable for replacing or backup of older systems with outdated format/capcodes.

Most of the features of the Model 64 can be field-programmed by the user. These options are stored in a database inside the Model 64. Programming can be done from a touch-tone phone or using a video display terminal via an optional modem/RS-232 interface.

Pager Programming
The Model 64 database is designed for simple and efficient pager programming. Paging format tone plans, digital function codes, radio zone steering, and pager capcodes are programmed individually for each subscriber. Temporary pager invalidation prevents access to a pager if the person is unavailable or has not paid
for service. When an invalidated number is accessed, the caller hears a distinct error tone. Single command programming for a range of pagers and a �copy user settings� command (with auto-increment of pager capcodes) eliminates repetitive data entry.


  • Capacity up to 1000 users
  • Feature Programming
    � Programming of range of users minimizes time and effort
    � Program from phone or video display
    � Battery backup for database storage
  • Pager Programming Options:
    � Voice pager time limit
    � 4 transmitter zone steering
    � Both tone & digital numeric display pagers
    � Group paging
  • Local operator priority override
  • System voice prompts option
  • Call counting/accumulation option
  • One to three phone lines:
    � End-to-end
    � DID (immediate dial or wink start)
    � PBX (loop trunk, E&M type I, ground start, or station)
  • Dial click decoding for rotary phones option
  • Talk-back option
    � Mobile-to-land line, land line-to-mobile, mobile-to-mobile, and mobile-to-pager calling
    � Simplex or half-duplex
  • Transmits morse code station ID




Call Capacity 200 or 1000 users
Signaling Formats 2-tone Motorola, G.E., Reach 5/6-tone
and voice
POCSAG (512 Baud) digital display
GSC digital display and voice
2805 Hz mobile
DTMF mobile
Morse Code ID 1024 Hz at 20 words/minute
Field programmable
15- or 30-minute intervals
0 to 8 characters long
Transmitter Zones 4 zones, sequencing of 2
Power Supply 120/240V AC +/- 15%
Operating Temperature 0 to 65 degrees Celsius
Size 3.5"H x 16"W x 10.5"D
Weight 9 lb.
Audio Output Balanced 600-ohm, 0 to 5V pk-pk
Single ended 0-300 mV pk-pk
Control Relays 1 Amp rating at 26V AC
PTT analog DPDT, PTT digital DPDT
Digital Data Bipolar RS-232, programmable polarity
Digital Mode 12V logic, polarity jumper selectable
CAS/COR input Voltage level or contact closure,
0.5V threshold, polarity jumper
Connector Detachable screw terminal strip(s)
Base Station Simplex or half-duplex
Audio Switching Mobile carrier control
Simplex smart VOX
COR or voice operated
Programmable hold (0-9.9 sec)
Receive Audio Input Unbalanced, range select jumper
Level 0.15V to 20V pk-pk
(-23dBm to +19dBm)
Two-Way Landline-to-pager or mobile
Mobile-to-landline, pager, or mobile
Programmable enable per subscriber
or range of subscribers
Origination enable/disable
Connect on key-up, �*�, or �*� + 3-digit
Disconnect code �#�
Programmable limit (0-990 sec)
Programmable activity (0-90 sec)
Programmable warning time
Call Placement DTMF to 10 pps conversion
DTMF direct dial through
DTMF regeneration (150/50 ms on/off)
Toll restrict 1- or 0- enable/disable
Emergency dial with 2 PTT clicks
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