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Paging Network Controller

The Zetron Model 33 is a remote transmitter controller which connects directly to paging encoders such as the Zetron Models 15, 32, 64, or 150. The addition of remote control allows the paging transmitter to be located away from the paging encoder. This allows the transmitter to be located where it will provide the best coverage.
The Model 33 generates the keying tones to be transmitted via wireline, microwave, or RF link equipment to transmitter controller equipment such as the Zetron Model 66 located at the paging transmitter sites.

The tone protocol used is an industry-standard continuous-tone protocol, called Motorola PURC� (Paging Universal Remote Control).

It is compatible with equipment made by Zetron, Motorola and G.E. In addition to analog paging, digital paging is possible for transmitters capable of transmitting the FSK (frequency shift keying) information. An internal modem allows the Model 33 to receive and send digital numeric and alphanumeric display pages. A front panel switch provides test key up sequences for analog or digital modes.

Multiple Address Option

Wide-area paging systems can be designed to avoid the expense of simulcast equipment. By arranging the geographical paging area into zones that do not overlap, the central paging controller can select each zone in sequence and reach all paging subscribers. Or if necessary, simulcast transmitters can be used. With the multiple address option, the Zetron Model 33 can send the proper tone sequences to selectively key up individual or groups of transmitters.

Each of the 8 available zones can be programmed to key up any of 10 groups of transmitters. Each group of transmitters is programmed to respond to the same tones. This option is compatible with the 4-zone transmitter steering feature of the Model 64.


  • Tone Remote Control of Paging Transmitters
  • Modem for Digital Paging
  • Multiple Address Option
  • Programmable Function Tone Option
  • Guard Tone Option
  • Busy Frequency Detection



Front Panel Controls

2 push-button

Analog Test Page
Digital Test Page
6 LEDs Power
Analog RTS
Digital RTS
Analog CTS
Digital CTS
COR Detection

Input/Output Connections

Analog Request to Send (ARTS) (note 1)
Digital Request to Send (DRTS) (note 1)
Digital Data (note 1)
Analog Audio 10K or 600 ohm
Zone lines (2) (note 1)
Analog Clear to Send (ACTS) (note 2)
Digital Clear to Send (DCTS) (note 2)
To Link Audio
From Link Audio 10K or 600 ohm

Note 1: Inputs are compatible with contact closure, TTL, CMOS or RS-232 signaling.
Threshold is approximately 1.5 Volts.
Note 2: Outputs are CMOS outputs: 0-5 Volts range.
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