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Model 1700 Controller/ Model 1708/1716 RTU's


Wireless SCADA and Telemetry

Model 1700/1708/1716INTRODUCTION

Zetron SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) and telemetry system offers practical, economical monitoring and control remote sites via radio. The SCADA System is comprised of 3 parts: Remote Terminal Units (RTUs), System Controller, and Control Program.

Zetron RTUs such as the Model 1708 and Model 1716, are units typically installed at remote sites to collect data from contact closures, pulse counters, and analog voltage or current signals. RTUs also offer digital and analog outputs for remote control of process variables. The inputs/outputs can monitor and control level, pressure, temperature, security, power etc. from switches or transducers. Zetron RTUs detect changes in input signals and transmit exception reports immediately, when polled by the Controller, or both. Once the Control Program sees a data change, it can initiate corrective action by sending output commands to the same or different RTU. The Model 1700 system controller is located at the central site and is connected between the central radio and a PC. The controller sends and receives data between the central PC and the remote sites. The MODBUS system software is the brain of the SCADA system and allows the user to monitor, control, display, log, print, poll, etc. system data from the PC.


The Zetron SCADA System can communicate with and be controlled by process control applications or programmable logic controllers (PLC) via the MODBUS communications protocol. MODBUS is an industrial industry standard communications protocol allowing devices from different manufacturers to communicate. The MODBUS protocol can control and monitor the M1700 control hardware, which in turn communicates with the remote terminal units, M1708 and M1716s. Existing SCADA systems or PLCs utilizing MODBUS can also control the M1700.

Zetron offers Lookout Software, developed by National Instruments, a highly productive automation software package with an easy-to-use interface. Lookout is used to control, monitor, analyze, or report on your industrial automation applications. The easiest to use HMI SCADA software on the market, it includes an extensive library of graphics, Internet connection with the web client feature, trending data display, dial out alarms to a commercial paging service and much more. The software packages range from 50 points to unlimited with client licenses.

The 1700 controller connects to the RS-232 serial port of the PC or terminal using transmit, receive, and ground. Both the M1708 and M1716 RTUs and the M1700 Controller connect to the radio using PTT, transmit, receive, ground and carrier detect (COR). The units operate from 12VDC, usually supplied by the radio's power source. The sensors being monitored by the M1708/1716 RTUs at the remote site should provide 0-5VDC, 0-20mA, or Form C contact closure to ground or open to 100Kohms impedance. Higher voltages can be controlled via the appropriate industrial relay. The control software requires a dedicated PC with hard disk. A printer is not required since all information is logged on disk.

Users can order the RTUs integrated with NEMA cases and battery backup. This option features:

  • �7 AH 12 volt lead acid cell battery for power loss backup operation
  • �Battery charger
  • �2-amp power supply
  • �Wiring cables connecting battery, supply, RTU, radio (radio and antenna are not included)

Order one of the three models of NEMA cases:

�Model 1795 is a steel NEMA 4 case, size 20" x 24" x 8", wiring cables, backplane size 17" x 21", 7AH battery, 2 amp charger/supply.

�Model 1796 is a fiberglass NEMA 4X case, size 20" x 24" x 8", wiring cables, backplane size 17" x 21", 7AH battery, 2 amp charger/supply.

�Model 1797 is a fiberglass NEMA 4X case, size 13" x 15" x 6", wiring cables, backplane size 11" x 13", 7AH battery, 2 amp charger/supply.

The RTUs are attached to a custom metal backplane with a mounting area for mobile or handheld radios, heaters, industrial relays, signal conditioners, or other industrial electronics required for the application. The customer only needs to drill and mount an external antenna, drill and connect external power, and install radio to the metal backplane via mounting holes.


  • Store and Forward
    Model 1708 and 1716 RTUs can rebroadcast data sent from other RTUs and the Model 1700 controller. (Conventional or Trunked Radio only)
  • User Configurable
    Features such as key delay, channel busy indication, I/O parameters are all definable by the user.
  • Optional MODBUS Firmware
    The M1708 and M1716 RTUs can communicate with spread spectrum radios via the RS-232 ports .
  • All Call
    A second ID number can be assigned to a group or groups of RTUs
  • Trunked Operation
    A software switch enables the SCADA system to operate over trunked radio systems.
  • Fast, Accurate Reporting
    All communications are two-way using fast frequency shift keying, FFSK. Each data burst lasts less than a second, yet contains all the data, plus an advanced error detection scheme.


Model 1708/1716 RTU

8 Digital inputs � 16 for M1716
�Dry contact closure

8 Control outputs � 16 for M1716
�Open collector type
�VCC minus 1 volt @ 100mA
�100mA typical sink current

4 Analog inputs � 8 for M1716
�0-5VDC or 4-20mA
�8 bit, 256 level AD converter

4 Analog outputs for M1716 only

Model 1700 Controller
4 Control outputs
�Open collector type


Radio Interface
�Input levels from 20mV to 3Vpp
�Input impedance > 30Kohm @ 1KHz
�Output level 3Vpp maximum with 10Kohm load
�Output impedance < 1Kohm @ 1KHz

RS-232 Interface
�TX, RX & ground
�4800 baud
�8 bit with one stop bit and no parity
�VT100 or similar monitor compatible
�No hardware or software flow control


�Flat audio in and flat audio out
�Transmit audio adjustable from 20mv to 2V p-p
�COR adjustable from 0.1 to 4.5VDC
�PTT output relay to ground < 300mA max,
NO or NC position
�Signaling at 1200 Baud FFSK


�13.8VDC nominal, 10.5-16VDC
�75mA typical, 150mA max @ 16VDC


�Battery 12V, 12amp-hr, lead-acid cell
�Charger 500mA float charge, 2-amp max fast charge
�Short circuit protected
�AC power: 115VAC, 0.7 Amp max

PHYSICAL  1700/1708/1716 Standard Case


7.55" W x 10.5" D x 2.25" H
Weight 2 lbs


0-60 degrees Celsius

Pentium class PC running at 90MHZ or faster
Windows 95 or later, includes NT and XP
45 MB free disk space

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