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MODEL 1517



MODEL 1517SentriMax is a powerful full-featured, industrial voice and page alarm system. Users can monitor and control up to 64 digital inputs/outputs and 8 analog inputs via telephone or radio. Upon sensing an alarm condition, SentriMax automatically alarms through a user programmable list of phone or radio sources with specific user recordable voice messages stored in solid state memory or optional alphanumeric text messages. This provides a friendly interface that doesn�t require special training for system operation.

The SentriMax comes in a rugged, waterproof NEMA 4X fiberglass case with integrated battery backed operation for reliable performance. Conventional and trunked mobile type radios and cell-phones can be easily mounted within the SentriMax enclosure. The SentriMax has been carefully designed for easy installation and setup. Programming can be done via a PC running the included configuration program, over the phone with DTMF or from the keypad on the front panel.

Expandable Digital Inputs/Outputs

The SentriMax comes standard with 16 digital inputs that may be user programmable as outputs for control purposes. Up to three additional 16 digital input/output expansion cards may be added to an individual unit giving a total capacity of 64 digital inputs/outputs.

Pulse Counters

The first 16 digital I/Os have the ability to keep track of the number of alarm events detected on that input. If the input is set up as normally open, a transition from high to low causes the counter to increase by one, but a transition from low to high does not. For example, this can be used with a water meter that outputs a pulse every 10,000 gallons of water that flows through a pipeline. The counter allows the user to keep track of the total flow through the pipeline and alarm when the flow reaches a programmable level.

Run Time Recording and Alerting

The first 16 digital I/Os can be used as run time meters that keep track of the total time the input is in an alarm condition. The run time meters can accumulate up to 999 hours and 59 minutes. For instance, a pump may need to be serviced every 200 hours of use. The run time metering capability of the SentriMax allows you to keep track of the in-use time of the pump and alarm the user when it�s time for service.

Scalable Analog Inputs

SentriMax comes equipped in the standard unit with 8 analog inputs. These analog inputs allow SentriMax to alarm according to changes in flow, temperature, pressure etc. The SentriMax directly supports transducers with 0 to 5 Volt or 4 to 20 mA outputs. The values of the transducers may be scaled according to the application. For example, a water level sensor might output 0 Volts when the water tank level is at 5 feet, and 5 Volts when the level is at 80 feet. SentriMax can
alarm and report according to the values being monitored.

Remote Control and Status Inquiry

Users can access the SentriMax via telephone or radio equipped with a DTMF pad to control outputs connected to the system. The current status of an alarm or the status of an input is also available by accessing the system. Responses to status inquiries can range from the standard factory prerecorded voice messages to customized user recordable status messages. Users can choose to use a default message such as �digital input 1 ON� with the standard factory voice prompts or record �lower bay door open� with the user recordable prompts.

System Monitor Alarms

SentriMax features these additional system alarms that can help ensure worker safety and verify proper operation. A panic button is provided on the front panel of the SentriMax that can be used to summon help to a site in the event of an emergency. Discrete alarms for AC Power Loss, Low Battery condition and Internal High Temperature are included in the standard unit. An �All�s Well� message can be enabled so that the SentriMax periodically notifies a list of people that the system is properly functioning.


  • Alarm via Radio and Telephone
  • Voice, Paging and Alphanumeric alarm messages
  • Up to 72 Alarm inputs
  • 8 Analog inputs with programmable levels
  • 1 minute of factory prerecorded voice messages
  • Up to 4 minutes of user recordable voice alarm messages
  • Rugged NEMA 4X enclosure
  • Space for 2-way radio or cellphone
  • Back-up battery and charger
  • Backlit display and status keypad
  • Remote access via telephone or radio
  • User controlled outputs
  • Programmable via PC, DTMF and front panel


Inputs/Outputs 16 discrete input/outputs, expandable to 64 & 8 analog inputs
Voice Capacity 1 min. of prerecorded messages & 1 min. user recordable voice standard 3 minutes optional voice storage with up to 100 user recordable messages
PSTN telephone interface standard expandable to two telephone lines Radio interface standard
Front panel keypad and display RS-232 port via easy to use PC configuration software DTMF compatible radio PSTN phone
Enclosure NEMA 4X fiberglass/polyester
Approvals FCC part 15 and part 68 Industry Canada
Radio Interface PTT, COR, flat RXAUD & ground
Input levels from 20mV to 3Vpp
Input impedance > 30Kohms at 1KHz
Output level 3Vpp maximum with 10K load
Output impedance < 1Kohm at 1KHz
Flat audio in and flat audio out
COR adjustable from .1 to 4.5VDC
PTT output relay to ground
< 300mA max, NO or NC position
DTMF signaling capable
DTMF signal: 100msec on/100msec off
Telephone Interface 2-wire (Tip/Ring) RJ11 connector
Ringer equivalents .45B
Automatic line seizure
Maximum voice power output to PSTN, -10dBm
DTMF power output to PSTN, -1dBm max
DTMF signal: 100msec on/100msec off
Tone or pulse dialing
RS-232 Interface Tx, Rx & ground (Zetron or PC compatible)
4800 baud
8 bit with one stop bit and no parity TTY
No hardware or software flow control
Limits 45VDC max input into any input
Discrete Input Levels < 0.8V low
> 2V high
Discrete Outputs Open collector type
100mA typical sink current
45VDC max collector voltage
Analog Input Levels 0-5V or 4-20mA
20mV or 80uA resolution
Battery 12V, 7-amp-hr, lead-acid gel-cell
Charger 500mA float charge, 2amp max fast charge
Short circuit protected, low battery voltage cutoff
AC Power 115VAC, 0.8-amp typical (20-amp in rush current)
DC Power 12W max at 13.8VDC
Size 15.5� x 13.4� x 6.5�
Inside radio or cell-phone space 10� x 7� x 3�
Weight < 22 lbs.
Temperature Operating 0-60�C without battery and charger 0-40�C with battery and charger
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