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MODEL 1516


Voice and Page Alarming and Remote Control


SentriVoice monitors alarm inputs and, upon sensing an alarm condition, automatically transmits voice messages or pages over radio or a public address system. Users can respond to the alarm or page via radio by remotely controlling SentriVoice outputs connected to pumps, generators, lights etc.

Eighty seconds of solid state, battery-backed memory provide natural voice storage. The efficient SentriVoice can broadcast Two-Tone, Alphanumeric (POCSAG), 5/6 Tone, DTMF, or alert tones.


Economical wireless alarm monitoring for remote sites, machine monitoring, process control, manufacturing, and security. Give fewer personnel more capability with automatic voice alerting and remote control via radio. Machines and industrial processes can alert or page service or security personnel automatically.

  • Economical, automatic, on-site paging.

  • Notify maintenance or emergency personnel with specific voice messages.

  • Automatic voice annunciator for PA systems.

  • Water/Wastewater system monitoring and control.

  • Irrigation monitoring & control.

  • Agricultural monitoring & control.

  • Water tanks and lift stations monitoring & control.

  • Monitor and report security at remote RF sites.

  • Send specific text pages to alphanumeric pagers.


  • Each of the 8 alarm zones can be programmed for a different text message.

  • Up to 2 voice messages per zone.

  • Precede messages with Two-Tone paging tones, DTMF, or siren alert tones.

  • Messages recorded via phone handset and can be changed remotely via radio.

  • Send 35 characters of text to 3 different alphanumeric pagers per alarm zone.

  • Radio connections are audio in, audio out, push to talk, and COR.

  • Multiple 1516�s can share same radio.

  • Program time between alerts to 99 minutes.

  • Send messages up to 14 times in each alarm cycle.

  • Send �ALL�S WELL� up to 8 times a day.

  • Set alarm inputs for normally open, normally closed, momentary, and status.

  • Set alarm input debounce time for noisy signals.

  • Program unit ID and security code.

  • Program conventional or trunking radio interface.

  • Divide voice storage into any length message.

  • Program up to 3 pager codes for each of the 8 zones.


  • Paging Format, Two Tone, Motorola & GE.

  • Paging Format, Two-Tone, Motorola & Plectron.

  • Paging Format, POCSAG (512 or 1200 baud).

  • Paging Format, 5/6 Tone.

  • Voice Option - 10 second increments.

  • Extended Voice Option - 40 second increments.

  • Model 1517 SentriVoice+ includes NEMA 4X enclosure, battery, charger/supply.

  • Remote Control Relay (limit 2).

  • Spare Parts Kit.


Voice Message Alerting

  • Radio
    � notify maintenance or emergency personnel with recorded voice messages over your current radio system.
    � 8 alarm inputs or zones.
    � record up to 80 seconds of natural voice in solid state memory.
    � easy to program via phone or RS-232.
  • Pager
    � alert specific personnel via 3 pager codes per alarm zone.
    � notify with specific voice instructions.
    � use most types of pagers.
  • Public Address (PA)
    � push button voice announcements in any language.
    � announcements in airports, exhibit halls, parking garages.

Text Message Alerting

  • POCSAG (digital) pager
    � send a different message of 35 text characters to 3 different alphanumeric pagers for each of the 8 alarm zones.

DTMF Alerting

  • Radio
    � send a different 15 digit DTMF sequence for each alarm zone.
    � have the Zetron Model 8B decode and time stamp the broadcast DTMF sequence

Remote Control Operation

  • Radio
    � remote control equipment via DTMF over radio at the SentriVoice site with up to 2 control relays.
    � control pumps, lights, gates, generators etc.
    � confirm closed loop control via voice confirmation.


Power 13.8VDC nominal, 10.5-16VDC
Current max standby with relays open - 115mA at 16VDC
max standby with relays closed - 300mA at 16VDC
Temperature 0 to +60 degrees C
Size 7.25"W x 10.5"D x 2.25"H
Case painted aluminum, wall mountable
Weight 2 lbs.
Voice Storage 10, 20, 40, or 80 seconds
Voice Messages 16 max
Audio Output 20mV to 2V P-P, 600 ohm
Audio Input 3V P-P, >30K ohm minimum
Channel Busy Input (COR) 1 to 4.5 V adjustable
PTT (Push to Talk) Output Relay to gnd, 300mA max, normally open or closed
Baud Rate 4800
Parity None
Bits 8
Stop Bits 1
8 Contact Lo < 0.8 volts
Closure Inputs Hi > 2.0 volts Protected to +/- 48VDC
Relays (limit 2) SPDT relay, 120VAC or 28VDC, 60VA max
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