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MODEL 735 Radio Teleconnect


MODEL 735 Radio Teleconnect

Telephone interconnects allow telephone and mobile radio users to talk to each other.
Telephone interconnects offer the most economical and reliable method of allowing a group of 2-way mobile radio users to place and receive telephone calls through the public telephone network or a private branch exchange (PBX). In business applications, office based personnel can speak directly to radio users such as security guards, warehouse staff and delivery drivers. Similarly, radio users can call their office, the emergency services or their customers. Calling privileges, conversation timers and system access are all under the control of the system operator, so capabilities can be tailored to individual requirements.
The Model 735 is available in two versions - Open Channel and Selcall. The Open Channel version is for the smaller or "all-informed" radio scheme where telephone calls are directed to all mobiles on the scheme. The selcall version allows telephone calls to be routed to an individual mobile or a group of mobiles. The telephone caller selects the mobile to speak with. Both versions allow mobiles to select and call a telephone number.

The Zetron Model 735 Radio Teleconnect is a high quality, processor-based, open channel or selective calling radio-telephone interconnect designed for easy connection to simplex or duplex base stations, control stations and repeaters.
It is designed to be installed with new or existing radio systems, interfacing either to a PABX or public subscriber telephone line, allowing radio-to-telephone and telephone-to-radio calls.

Calls from Mobile Radio
Mobile to telephone using DTMF access code followed by dialing number.

Calls to Mobile Radio
Telephone to mobile over open radio channel (open channel version) or calling individual mobile radios
(selcall version).

Mobile to Mobile
Repeater control for mobile to mobile calls when connected to a repeater.

PC Programming
Programming from PC connected locally to Model 735 or remotely using built in modem.

Rotary or DTMF Telephones
The Model 735 supports rotary, pulse or DTMF telephones using the optional dial click decoder.

Individual User Programming
Facilities and grade of service programmable to each individual mobile user.

Optional Voice Prompts
Locally recordable voice prompts guide users through system features.

Call Restrictions
Mobile radio users may be restricted on which telephone numbers may be called, e.g. external PABX line or long distance calls.

Time of Day Access
Services available are programmable according to time of day.

Call Timers
Call time limits may be programmed to limit system use. Warning beeps are sent when call time limit is reached and if necessary, the call may be automatically disconnected.

Optional Call Details Logging
Logs all calls in Model 735 for subsequent retrieval by PC.

Group Call
Group call addresses are supported.

Optional Digital Voice Delay
When connected to simplex radio, the digital voice delay improves the VOX switching.

99 autodial or speed dial numbers from mobile to telephone. Or free form dialling may be used.

Unattended Autocall
If a telephone caller does not select an individual mobile, the Model 735 will automatically signal a predetermined radio or pager.

Emergency Use
Emergency access code over-rides programmed system control parameters.

Time Break Recall
When Model 735 is connected to PABX, mobile has access to PABX functions through time break recall hook flash.

Disconnect Methods
The Model 735 will disconnect either manually by the mobile or telephone user entering a digit, or automatically based on detecting telephone hang up or inactivity timers.


  • Radio to telephone interconnect for PBX or public subscriber line connection
  • Direct access to telephone
  • Installs on simplex or duplex base station and repeaters
  • Compatible with simplex or duplex mobile or handportable radios
  • Available in 2 versions - Open Channel and Selcall
  • 2-Tone, (Quickcall II) 5-Tone (ZVEI, CCIR, EEA), and DTMF selective calling
  • PC-programmable, direct/remotely with built-in modem
  • User-definable access code
  • Optional user-recordable voice prompts
  • Optional dial click decoder for pulse telephone systems
  • Optional digital voice delay for enhanced simplex operation
  • Enhanced dial-out restrictions per user/system
  • Optional call details logging for up to 400 records
  • 99 autodial telephone numbers
  • Conversation timers
  • EMC Approved, CE conformity





Power 10.5-16V DC,700mA or 9-12 VAC, 11 watt
Temperature 0 to 65 degrees Celsius
Size 470 mm W x 181 mm D x 44 mm H, 470 mm rackmount
Weight 4 pounds/1.8 kg


DTMF ANI codes Full random programming, all 16 tone pairs
ANI capacity 99
ANI Length 1 to 10 digits per user
ANI Speed 1 to 14 digits per second
Accounting Interconnect Airtime record per ANI 99.59.59 maximum accumulate or pre-pay


Freq. range 10 to 3500Hz
Freq. accuracy 0.1%
Freq. stability 0.0005%
Distortion 2% nominal
Two-Tone Motorola/GE all tone groups, code plans, and capcodes
DTMF 1 to 8 digits per subscriber
DTMF-t 1 to 8 digits per subscriber
Five/Six-Tone EIA, ZVEI, CCIR single or dual address
CTCSS 50 tones
Digital Squelch 104 Codes


Line Input 3-wire connection to the PSTN
Connector RJ11-C modular jack.
Adaptor Cable RJ11 to BT 631A plug. 3 meter
Progress Tones Dial tone, ringing, double ring, busy.


Ringer equivalence 3.
Incoming call Ring detection on 3-wire circuit.
Programmable number of rings to answer
Call answer Off-hook, tip-ring current draw.
Call disconnect Busy tone, 2nd dial tone, call limit timer, mobile activity timer, loss of loop current.


PTT FET pull to ground.
COR Dual time constant noise detector or voltage change.
CTCSS/DCS Outpu -40 to +6dBM. Hi/Lo Selector. 600 ohm output.
Tx audio -40 to +6 d Bm. Hi/Lo Selector. 1K ohm output
Rx audio -40 to +10 d Bm. Hi/Lo Selector. 25K ohm input.
Channel busy input Closure input from secondary receiver COR.


Modem Auto-detection and support of 1200 baud. Bell 212, CCITT V.22 and CCITT V.22bis.
Indicators Line 1. VOX. DTMF. Carrier. Encode.
Transmit. Aux. Power.
Switch Connect
Station ID Morse code, fixed 1200hz frequency and programmable call sign (1 - 8 characters).
Equipment types Tone-Only pager, tone-and-voice pager. Talkback pager. Mobile.
Prompt tones Progress tones, error tones and warning tones sent to phone or mobile.
Programming Programmable via RS232 with local terminal, or remotely over phone lines using internal modem. Installation and user enable/disable via DTMF.
Data retention Battery backed, typically 5 years with no power.
Real time clock Battery backed, typically 5 years with no power.
Secondary protection On End-to-End telephone line
Auxiliary output Open drain FET pull-down to ground.
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