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Model 30


Add Interconnect to Simplex Radio SystemModel 30
The Model 30 World Patch is a low cost open channel telephone interconnect designed for installation on a simplex radio.

The Model 30 is an ideal way to add telephone interconnect to simplex radio systems for low power in-plant applications. Its low cost and simple operation make it well suited to applications in smaller radio systems.
APO (advanced programming operation) provides 50 autodials, automatic autodial via 4-click PTT, landline security code for direct air access, FET relay, and other features.


The Model 30 Worldpatch is a compact, telephone interconnect that allows a group of two way radio users to place and receive telephone calls. It efficiently interfaces a telephone line (or analog PBX line) to a simplex base station, control station, or conventional repeater. It can also be used as a repeater maker to convert a pair of mobile radios, or a full-duplex base station, into a carrier-operated repeater. The Model 30 is available both as a single-group interconnect as well as a selective-calling interconnect. The selective calling version provides
100-call and 1000-call two-tone and DTMF paging. For ordering convenience, the Model 30 Worldpatch is available in three different versions:

  1. Basic with APO (901-9416) �recommended for half-duplex repeater operation, includes Advanced Programming Option (APO)
  2. Basic with APO & Digital Voice Delay (901-9417)�as (1) above with digital voice delay for simplex operation on base stations or control stations
  3. Basic with APO, Digital Voice Delay, and Selective Calling (901-9540) �as (2) above, but recommended for applications requiring selective calling on repeater or base stations Any version can be changed into another by ordering a field upgrade kit. Other options include a 19-inch rack mount bracket, Deadbolt surge arrestor, and various interface cables for the connection to the radio. An assortment of connection diagrams explains the hookup to the most popular radios. A responsive technical support department is also available to provide expert assistance over the telephone.


The Model 30 is compact enough to fit in the industry's smallest repeater enclosures, including the Motorola Radius GR300, GR500, and GR1225. Radio-specific cables are available to make the interface as quick and easy as possible. For proper installation in standard, 19-inch rackmount enclosures, an optional 19-inch rack mount bracket is available. The phone line connection on the rear of the Model 30 is a simple RJ-11 phone jack.
The radio interface is a 10-pin modular plug with crimp pins provided. Level settings for transmit, receive, and carrier adjust are accessible on the back panel. All programming settings may be changed by remote control, without visiting the site. Programming takes place from a Touch-Tone telephone or keypad-equipped radio. Access to the program memory is protected by a programming access code. The installer may restore the unit to the factory default settings at any time.


  • Simplex and half-duplex interconnect for base stations, control stations, and repeaters
  • Compatible with end-to-end telco lines and analog PBX extensions
  • Remote-programmable from DTMF radio or Touch-Tone telephone
  • Convenience features include Morse ID, toll restrictions, timers, DTMF regeneration, programmable ANI codes, courtesy tones
  • Simplex audio control via VOX, sampling, or combined sampling with VOX
  • Half-duplex operation with privacy mode
  • Digital voice delay available for simplex
  • Fits in small repeater enclosures such as Motorola Radius GR300, GR500, GR1225
  • 19-inch rack-mount bracket available
  • Connection diagrams for many radios
  • Expert and responsive technical support
  • Special, custom features available

Selective Calling option:

  • 100- and 1000-call two-tone paging
  • DTMF paging
  • Dial-up remote operation (* to key, # to unkey)

APO (Advanced Programming Operation):

  • 50 autodials
  • 4-click PTT autodial for non-DTMF mobiles
  • Auxiliary FET output
  • Direct-access security code
  • Hookflash from mobile via *0
  • Autodial access only
  • Repeat courtesy tone
  • Call-alert beeps
  • Unkey to hear 2nd dial tone
  • Ringout from connect button




Power 11-16 VDC, 150 mA
Temperature 0-65 degrees Celsius
Size 5.9 x 7.4 x 1.7 inches
Weight 2.5 lb
Data Retention Nonvolatile EEPROM, no batteries
Secondary Protection Telco high voltage clamps with
protective fusing elements


Connector RJ11-C modular jack for one end-to-end (B1) phone line
Incoming Call Ring detection on tip-ring pair. Programmable number of rings to answer
Call Answer Off-hook, tip-ring current draw
Call Disconnect Busy tone, dial tone, call limit, mobile activity timers
Approvals FCC Registration Part 68 Industry Canada


PTT FET pull to ground
COR External or internal carrier detector with squelch control
Tx Audio -40 to +6 dBm. Hi/lo selector 1Kohm output
Rx Audio -40 to +10 dBm. Hi/lo selector. 50Kohm input. 25 mV to 6 V P-P
Tone Validation Contact closure input from CTCSS decoder
Auxiliary Output FET pull to ground
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