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DeadBolt Lightning Surge Arrestor


DeadBolt Lightning Surge ArrestorINTRODUCTION
The DeadBolt is a five-stage surge arrestor for installation on a telephone line. The first and second stages are a pair of fusible resistors and a gas tube.
Two standard, replaceable 3AG-type fuses form the third stage. The fourth stage is a solid-state, triple- balanced SIDAC circuit. The fifth stage is a radio frequency filter.

The DeadBolt protects valuable electronic equipment like Zetron interconnects from extremely fast-rising voltage transients and severe current surges due to lightning. The DeadBolt is connected between the phone line service entrance and the user�s equipment or telephone. Due to the solid- state SIDAC circuit, the DeadBolt can withstand repetitive hits without performance degradation. Additionally, the DeadBolt suppresses UHF and VHF interference.

When either a line-to-line or line-to-ground voltage exceeds the breakdown voltage of the DeadBolt, it will clamp within nanoseconds to a safe voltage and remain clamped until the voltage returns to normal. If the abnormal voltage remains on the line (power line cross) then the fuses blow and disconnect the DeadBolt from the line. Fuse replacement should only be necessary in the event of a power line cross or a direct lightning strike.

The DeadBolt is constructed on a double sided PC board with extensive ground planes on both sides. The board is housed in a flame retardant, ultraviolet desensitized, ABS-KJU plastic case. The DeadBolt is shipped complete with 18-inch grounding cable, split- bolt grounding cable connector, extra fuses, and mounting screws.


  • DeadBolt prevents destructive over- voltages, minimizing equipment failures, downtime and resulting revenue loss.
  • Plasma surge arrestor withstands repetitive surge currents up to 10,000 amps.
  • Fuses protect against sustained power line cross.
  • Fast-acting SIDAC circuit clamps to safe voltage level in a few nanoseconds.
  • Radio frequency filter suppresses line-related UHF and VHF interference.
  • With no MOVs to wear out, DeadBolt can survive repetitive strikes without repair or replacement.
  • Modular jack and screw terminals provide for equipment and line connection.
  • Easy-mount, rugged, weather resistant case with hinged cover.




Longitudinal balance into
600 ohms (at 60 Hz)
-75 db max
-80 db typical
Capacitance line-to-line 500 pf
Capacitance each line-to-ground 1000 pf
Insertion loss into 600 ohms 0.15 db
Ringing voltage RMS 140 volts max
Battery feed DC 60 volts max


Breakdown DC  (dV/dt=500V/s) 500 volts max
Breakdown Pulse  (dV/dt=100V/�s)max 800 volts max
DC Holdover Voltage  (REA circuit) 150 volts/200 mA
Arc Voltage (I=5A) 20 volts


FUSES Two 3AG-1A-fastblow
Two fusible resistors


Breakdown voltage line-to-line 300 volts
Breakdown voltage line-to ground 300 volts
Breakdown current 60 Hz sine wave max 200 amp
Repetitive peak pulse current 10 X 160 �s 300 amp


Attenuation at 100 MHz
at 400 MHz
30 db
40 db


Storage temperature -65 to +85� C
Operating temperature -40 to +70� C
Humidity 10% to 90% non-condensing
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