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Digital Radio Remote


The Zetron Z370 is a versatile desktop remote that completely controls a Motorola iDEN� radio located up to 2000 feet away. It brings all the power and convenience of an iDEN radio into the office or dispatch environment.
The Z370 is the only remote that truly matches the iDEN radio. Anyone familiar with an iDEN handset can immediately operate the Z370 remote the first time, without confusion. Words and menus are the same as on the iDEN handset.
The keys and indicators are identical, but are larger on the Z370 and spread out for easier operation. Whether a user is calling a talk group or just checking for mail, the Z370 is intuitive and easy to understand. For facilities with multiple dispatch points, the Z370 provides additional functions: A secure key lets an operator temporarily disable parallel remotes for a private conversation with a radio user. An intercom feature lets parallel operators talk remote-to-remote without keying up the iDEN base station. A mute key lets an operator temporarily silence the remote.


The Z370 can be operated in several ways. Receive audio is normally monitored on the built-in speaker and controlled by a volume knob. To transmit, the operator can press the transmit button and speak into the built-in, �hands-free� microphone.
Or, the operator can speak & listen by lifting the telephone handset; the handset has a convenient press-bar for PTT. Lifting the handset mutes the front-panel speaker for semi-private conversations. For further flexibility, connection points are provided for external accessories such as desk microphones, PTT headsets, footswitches, amplified speakers, and recording devices.


The mute key silences the remote, disabling all receive audio until the button is pressed again. An LED gives positive indication of Mute status.

The or �secure� key prevents parallel, non supervisory remotes from monitoring, transmitting, or changing radio settings. It allows the operator to speak privately with the radio or telephone party.

A remote set up as a supervisory remote is unaffected when another operator presses secure key. Supervisor

Relay Output:
This output is a closure to ground (FET) that can be used to control an external relay. For instance, a supervisor can physically disconnect parallel remotes from the radio, or �kill� a call in progress.

Phone Mode:
When a phone call is placed or received, the remotes enter the phone mode. Both sides of the conversation can be heard on the parallel remotes (unless secure is pressed). This is similar to a conference call except that only one remote can transmit at any given time. When transmitting in phone mode, a full-duplex conversation is possible while pressing the PTT bar on the handset. The phone mode is ended when the phone party hangs up, or when the mode is changed to group or private, or when the END key is pressed. The call can also be ended when the handset is returned on-hook (requires optional programming software).

System Setup & Customization:

A complete system is composed of an iDEN multiservice radio, a Zetron termination panel, and one to fifteen Z370 remotes. The connection between the remote and the termination panel is six-wire (three twisted pairs) Every remote in a system can be up to 2000 feet from the termination panel. A 12-foot cable with RJ11 plugs is provided. The connection between the termination panel and the iDEN radio is eight conductor; a 2-foot cable with RJ45 mic plugs is provided.
An individual remote can be configured so that its phone button is disabled. This prevents direct access to the phone mode. In addition, each remote can be individually configured to permanently disable any of the privacy, mute, or intercom keys. The termination panel is shipped pre-configured to work on a typical iDEN system, so no further programming is necessary. If desired, though, an optional software program allows advanced customization, such as changing the transmit timeout and conversation timers, or allowing termination of calls from the handset hookswitch.


  • Controls all styles of Motorola iDEN multi service mobile radios including LM2000, LM3000, M100, M370, M470, & C370
  • Large, easy-to-read, four-line LCD display with familiar iDEN text prompts and menus
  • Key layout is similar to iDEN handset, but larger for easier operation
  • Termination panel allows 1-15 remotes to share the same radio up to 2000 feet away
  • Plug-and-play installation. No need to buy a special radio or program separate ID codes
  • �Secure� key disables other remotes for private conversations
  • Intercom feature for talking between remotes without keying transmitter
  • Telephone-style handset with convenient press-bar for PTT. Or, use the front-panel transmit button and �hands-free� mic
  •  Accessories include external desk microphone, headset, footswitch, external amplified speaker


Power 12 volts AC/DC, 1 A. 115 VAC wall transformer available
Size 8.25� W X 3.25� H X 9.5� D
Weight 2 pounds, 6 ounces
Temperature 0� to +60� degrees Celsius
Indicators LED�s for Secure , Mute and Intercom modes as well as TX, system and roaming indicators
Display 4 line x 16 character LCD shows selected talkgroup and other system status messages
Controls 2 Soft option Keys, Active Line, Cursor Keys, 12 Alphanumeric Keys, Phone, Group, Prvt, Mute, Intercom, Secure , Transmit, Volume, Send, End.
Audio Built-in Speaker and electret microphone with automatic gain control. Push-to-talk handset with hookswitch speaker mute
Speaker audio power 0.25 watts
Accessory audio interface Provides connections for external desk mic, headset, PTT footswitch, external amplified speaker and a recording device
Connection from remote to termination panel Six-conductor cabling (three twisted pairs) into RJ11 jack on each unit. Every remote in a multi-remote system can be up to 2000 feet from termination panel. One 12-foot RJ11 cable provided per remote.
Screw terminals Power source, desk mic, external PTT, external speaker, supervisor takeover output, recorder audio output, recorder enable output.
Power 12 volts DC, 250 milliamps max. (supplied by radio)
Size 8.65� W 7.035� D X 1.33� H
Weight Approx. 1 pound, 14 ounces
Temperature 0� to +60� degrees Celsius
Indicators Power/Status, radio and remote communication indicators as well as a programming mode enabled indicator
Switches programming mode initiate push switch
Radio types Motorola iDEN (MIRS) Multi-Service radio transceiver.
(m100, m370, m470, or c370 type configurations)
Maximum number of remotes per radio 15 in any configuration: Tee, star, home-run, or multi-drop
Connection from remote to termination panel Six-conductor cabling (three twisted pairs) into RJ11 jack on each unit. Every remote in a multi-remote system can be up to 2000 feet from termination panel. One 12-foot RJ11 cable provided per remote.
Connection from termination panel radio Eight-conductor cabling into RJ45 jack on termination panel and RJ45 to mic plug on radio. One 2-foot RJ45 cable provided per termination panel. Optional DB25 cable available.
Optional Programming A keyed 6 conductor modular cable required. (Zetron programming adapter and PC software available)
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