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Digital Radio Remote Controller


MODEL 390The Model 390 is a versatile remote controller for the Motorola MTM300/700 TETRA radio. This controller is suitable for use in public or private systems. The radio can be placed up to 600 meters away from the controller and up to 15 controllers can be connected to one radio. Optionally the Zetron Model 232 Interface may be installed between the Model 390 and the TETRA radio enabling the TETRA radio to be controlled over leased line, dial up telephone line or ISDN.
This enables the radio to be placed in the best radio coverage area whilst giving operator access from another location. This might include locations not receiving network coverage such as buildings, tunnels or basements, or out of area locations which are not served by the network. For example, users in areas outside the regional network can have dial up or leased line access without the expense of extending the network. The Model 390 is also suited to radio operator dispatchers and office personnel who need access to a radio system without having a radio placed in the office environment.

The Model 390 can provide operator access to a TETRA network when the operator is not receiving radio coverage or is out of the network area. This may be in a building, mine, tunnel, vessel or basement, when one or more Model 390s can be installed to give direct access to the network and the network users. Sitting the radio away from the office desk reduces potential EMC/EMI risk to office computers and other equipment. Additionally the Model 390 avoids the need for RF antenna cabling by typically making use of existing telephone wiring between controller and radio. multidrop installation

Using the Model 390 multidrop capability, several Model 390s�for example along the length of a tunnel�can have access to a single TETRA radio. For the operator who is out of the network area or perhaps wants access to a network in another region, the Model 390 fitted with the Model 232 Interface gives true remote access over dial up telephone line, private wire or ISDN. Use of the dial up line or ISDN means connection costs are only incurred when the Model 390 is in use. Organizations with remote offices in different cities or even countries can access a distant regional TETRA network and have the same functionality as a local radio. For public network operators this is a revenue opportunity, bringing in organizations which otherwise may not subscribe because their offices are out of the coverage area.

For private networks, the Model 390 extends the effective range of the network and allows personnel in one region to have direct access to a network in another region. This is valuable to organizations�such as utilities�with personnel in different regions.

Organizations such as emergency services can also get access to each other's regional networks including direct access to an isolated site when the network is in fallback mode. For many office based personnel, the Model 390 with optional desk microphone, headset, footswitch and external speaker is a preferable presentation to having a fixed radio. It allows the radio to be sited for optimum coverage, while bringing the controller to the desk of the operator. Where multiple operators need radio access, up to fifteen Model 390s can share a single TETRA radio. Supervisory control and intercom between Model 390s is also included.


  • Desktop remote controller for TETRA radio
  • Gives one or more operators direct access to a TETRA radio through local wiring, private wire, dial up telephone, ISDN, or microwave circuits
  • Suitable for Private or Public Access TETRA networks
  • Provides convenience and efficiency for operators on TETRA networks
  • Extends radio access into poor coverage areas
  • Gives out of area access into remote TETRA networks
  • Layout/functions match the Motorola MTM300/ 700 radio


Radio types Motorola MTM300/700 mobile radios used on TETRA systems
Operation As MTM300/700 full front panel
Max Model 390s 15 in parallel
Max distance Approx. 600m from radio interface
Indicators LCD shows full radio status messages and menus. LEDs for TX, Service, Data message received, Intercom, Mute, and Secure mode. LCD icons for "in-use", Continuity check and External alarm selected
Controls TX key, Clear key, Edit key, short form dial keys, Data key, Status key, External alarm key, Emergency key, Hookswitch, Phone, Group and Private keys, Range key and Direct Mode key, volume knob, Intercom, Mute and Secure mode keys. Radio reset is available through a combination of keys
Progress tones Passes all radio progress tones
Language English, German and French
Connection scheme Any (T, star, multi-drop etc) Telephone grade, 24 gauge (0.6mm diameter) or larger, twisted pairs or equivalent
Wire type 6 (3 pairs)
Number of wires Connectors 6 conductor telco modular (RJ-11)
Standard audio interface Front panel microphone and speaker or handset with hook switch front panel speaker mute and PTT switch. Duplex operation available
Desk mic interface Screw terminals for connection of an external dynamic desk microphone
External amplified speaker interface Screw terminals for connection of an external amplified speaker (nominal 600 ohm output)
Recorder interface Screw terminals for connection of external recording device�single ended audio (nominal 600 ohm, 0 dBm output) and a control line to activate the recorder when audio is present (FET pull to ground)
Headset interfaces Allow connection of a 4 or 6 (optional) wire headset in place of the handset
Footswitch PTT control Screw terminals are provided to connect a footswitch for PTT control of the front panel microphone or a desk microphone, and a headset
Automatic gain control Present on both transmit and receive audio
Power 12 to 16 VDC at 600 mA, or 12 VAC 1A, 50/60 Hz from external power supply
Mounting Desk or wall mount
Temperature 0� to +60� Celsius
Size 11.2 x 21.1 x 24.15cm 4.5 x 8.5 x 9.5 in. (h x w x d)
Mounting Co-located with the radio
Connections to the radio Connects to the radio through the DB25 connector on the bottom of the radio. This provides all signals and power to the unit
Connection to
Model 390 remotes
6-conductor RJ-11
Programming connector A keyed 6-conductor RJ-11 for connection to Zetron programming cable and PC
Indicators Power/Status, radio and remote communication indicators as well as a setup mode enabled indicator
Switches Setup mode initiate push switch
Temperature 0� to +60� Celsius
Size 3.4 x 22 x 17.8cm
1.5 x 8.5 x 7 in. (h x w x d)
Weight Approx. 950g (2.09lb)
Choice of Bearer Dial up telephone, ISDN, microwave, 2 wire and 4 wire leased lines
Modem Port RS-232 compatible DTE interface, male DB9 connector. For connection to an external modem capable of 28.8Kbps or better
Desktop Remote Port 6-wire interface compatible with the Zetron models Z370, 380, 390 and DDC100 remotes. Connected to either the remote(s) or the radio interface panel
Power Connector Accepts power from either a 12 volt AC wall transformer or an external 13.8 volt DC unregulated supply
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