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Kenwood-Compatible Radio Remote


The Zetron Model 360 Radio Remote is an attractive and rugged desktop remote designed to operate with Kenwood�s newest series of LTR� radios. Operating in conjunction with its companion radio interface panel, the Model 360 desktop remote brings the power and convenience of the popular Kenwood TK-780/880/980/981 series radio into an office or dispatch center environment. Up to 25 desktop remotes may be paralleled on the same radio to provide access from multiple points within an organization. The Model 360 even doubles as an intercom.


The Model 360 provides a flexible operator interface that can be utilized in a variety of ways to best suit the requirements of the application. Normally, receive audio is monitored on a built-in speaker. Audio levels may be adjusted with the front-panel volume control. To transmit, the operator presses the transmit button and speaks into the built-in microphone.
Alternatively, the operator can use the telephone handset to minimize the disturbance to others in the room. Lifting the handset mutes the front-panel speaker and disables the built-in mic. For further flexibility, connection points are available on the Model 360 for a variety of external accessories including headsets, desk microphones, footswitches, amplified speakers and logging or instant recall recorders.


Mute � A front-panel mute key silences the remote and disables all receive audio until the mute button is pressed again. A high-visibility LED provides a positive indication of mute status.

Privacy � The �Privacy� Key temporarily locksout parallel remotes from using the radio. When activated, all other users except for supervisory remotes are prevented from monitoring, transmitting, or altering radio settings. This feature supports a high degree of local privacy for sensitive radio communications.

Supervisor � A remote configured for supervisory operation has full transmit, receive, and control access to the radio regardless of the state of another remote�s Privacy Key.

Intercom � A value-added feature of the Model 360 is its ability to double as an intercom, allowing voice communications between all of the desktop remotes. Intercom mode operates as a "party line", and is selected by pressing the "ICOM" key from any position. Activation of the transmit key causes the user's voice to be heard at the other paralleled remotes without keying up the transmitter. Other positions can reply simply by pressing their transmit key. When finished, toggling the ICOM key returns the Model 360 to normal operation. If desired, the intercom function can be globally disabled through programming or individually disabled with a simple hardware modification.


  • Radio must be equipped with Kenwood KCT-19 accessory connection cable
  • Contact Kenwood for radio firmware requirements


A complete system is comprised of a Kenwood TK-780/880/980/981 radio, a Model 360 radio interface, and one to twenty-five Model 360 desktop remotes. The connections between the remotes and radio interface are made using six-wire cable (three twisted pairs). A 12-foot cable with RJ11 modular connectors is provided with each remote and radio interface. For installations involving greater separations, installer-supplied three-pair twisted cable may be used. An 18� eight conductor cable terminated with appropriate connectors is also provided to connect the radio and radio interface together. The PC programming software allows configuration of the radio interface and definition of text aliases for system and group combinations. Each remote can be individually configured to disable any of the privacy, mute, or intercom keys.


  • Controls Kenwood TK-780, TK-880, TK-980, and TK-981 radios
  • Supports system/group selection, TX, monitor, scan, and more
  • Large, backlit, two-line LCD display presents radio status, and up to 250 user-defined alias names for system and group combinations.
  • Radio Interface allows up to 25 desksets to access the same radio
  • Radio may be located up to 2000 feet away using direct cable connection or at any distance when used with a pair of Model 232 Data/Voice Multiplexers and associated modems.
  • �Privacy� key disables other remotes for private conversations
  • Intercom feature allows conversation between remotes without keying radio
  • Telephone-style handset with convenient press-bar for PTT. Also includes front-panel transmit button and built-in microphone.
  • Available accessories include external desk mic, headset, footswitch, and external amplified speaker.


Power 12 volts AC/DC, 1 A. 115 VAC wall transformer available
Size 8.25� W X 3.25� H X 9.5� D
Weight 2 pounds, 6 ounces
Temperature 0� to +60� degrees Celsius
Display 2 line x 16 character LCD shows selected system and group and text aliases
Audio Built-in Speaker and electret microphone with automatic gain control. Push-to-talk handset with hookswitch speaker mute
Accessory audio interface Provides connections for external desk mic, headset, PTT footswitch, external amplified speaker and a recording device
Connection from remote to radio interface Six-conductor cabling (three twisted pairs) into RJ11 jack on each unit. Every remote in a multi-remote system can be up to 2000 feet from radio interface. One 12-foot RJ11 cable provided per remote and radio interface.
Screw terminals Power source, desk mic, external PTT, headset, external speaker, supervisor takeover output, recorder audio output, recorder enable output.
Power 12 volts DC, 0.5A
Size 8.65� W 7.035� D X 1.33� H
Weight Approx. 1 pound, 14 ounces
Temperature 0� to +60� degrees Celsius
Indicators Power, radio and remote communications, programming mode
Switches Programming mode
Radio types Kenwood TK-780, TK-880, TK-980, TK-981
Maximum number of remotes per radio 25 in any configuration: Tee, star, home-run, or multi-drop
Connection from remote to radio interface Six-conductor cabling (three twisted pairs) into RJ11 jack on each unit. Every remote in a multi-remote system can be up to 2000 feet from radio interface. One 12-foot RJ11 cable provided per remote and radio interface.
Connection from radio interface to radio Eight-conductor cabling into RJ45 jack on radio interface and 15-pin connector to KCT-19 cable on radio. One 18" cable provided per radio interface.
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