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MODEL 37 Max Repeater Pal



The Model 37-MAX Repeater Pal is a high capacity, remotely programmable, community repeater controller. It provides individualized repeater service to up to 154 different customer groups using CTCSS tone and DCS digital coded squelch signaling.
The Repeater Pal connects to a receiver and transmitter providing CTCSS/DCS decode, regenerated CTCSS/DCS encode, repeat audio processing, selectable system and per-user functions. It will convert any station capable of duplex operation into a fully featured community repeater.
The Repeater Pal is an ideal replacement for older tone panels, eliminating time consuming trips to remote repeater sites, as well as providing a high subscriber capacity growth path for the future. The compact size of the Repeater Pal is ideal for low power repeater packages constructed from a pair of suitable mobile radios.


Up to 154 separate user groups may be placed on the channel, which is ideal for scan based trunking systems, roaming, or seasonal users.
ToneLock decoding, a Zetron exclusive, eliminates dropouts resulting from weak, fading signals, or high modulation levels. The usable range of the repeater will not be limited by the decode performance of the repeater tone panel when the Repeater Pal is in control.
The unit recognizes when a subscriber unkeys with reverse burst or DCS turnoff code, silently muting repeater  receiver audio to prevent squelch tails. This ensures that listening radios are quieted instantly without an annoying noise burst.
High quality audio processing circuits in the Repeater Pal are designed to make the repeater sound its very best.


The Morse code Station ID feature automatically transmits the repeater call sign at the beginning of a transmission and at programmed intervals. Courtesy beeps may be used to encourage unfamiliar radio users when to begin speaking. The reserved user feature prevents a co-channel system operator from commandeering a temporarily unused tone or code. The Repeater Pal reserves a tone or code by transmitting an alert signal and muting repeat audio when it detects the tone or code.
Cross tone encoding gives the repeater added flexibility. This feature permits multiple repeaters at different locations to be placed on a single frequency. Mobiles may roam between two or more systems, accessing each individual repeater with a different tone or code and receiving on a common tone. The courtesy tone frequency may be set to a different pitch for each repeater to distinguish the repeater location or coverage.


Easy installation and setup procedures ensure that a technician can install a Model 37-MAX in nearly any repeater or duplex station. Installers will appreciate the field proven application notes that take the guesswork out of the procedure. Application notes are included in the instruction manual for the most popular repeaters, some of which include:

ICOM IC-RP1510, IC-RP1520
EF Johnson Viking Universal Station, CR1010, CR1000,
Kenwood TKR720, TKR820
Kyodo KG110
Midland Basetech Repeater
Motorola GR300/GR500, R100, MSF5000, MSR2000, MICOR
Repco Dimension
Regency/Wilson Microcomm
Standard RPT10, RPT21, RPT30
Tait T800 series, T300 series
Uniden ARU 251

Only seven connections are required in typical installations, and expert interface assistance is available from Zetron.


  • Maximum capacity, 50 CTCSS and 104 DCS user groups
  • ToneLock high performance decoding
  • Remote programmable using DTMF radio
  • Database and validation for 154 users
  • Regenerated CTCSS/DCS and cross tone encode
  • Vacant tones and codes can be reserved
  • Selectable transmitter hold time and courtesy tone per user
  • Programmable �stuck mic� repeater time-out
  • Programmable Morse code station ID
  • Repeat audio processing
  • Proper operation with reverse burst and DCS turnoff code squelch tail elimination




Power 11-16 Volts DC @ 75 mA standby and 100 mA transmit
Operating Temperature 0 to 60 degrees Celsius
Size 5.5"W x 6.25"D x 1.4"H
Weight 1.0 pound
Indicators Status, Carrier, Transmit, Power
Programming Via DTMF radio
Data Retention Nonvolatile EEPROM


Connections 12VDC, ground, Rx discriminator audio, Tx mic audio, Tx PTT, Rx carrier detect, CTCSS/DCS encode
PTT FET pull to ground
Carrier Detector External COR input with polarity and threshold adjustments
Tx audio -40 to +6 dBm. Hi/Lo range selector 1K ohm output impedance
Rx audio -40 to +10 dBm. Hi/Lo range selector. 25K ohm input impedance
CTCSS/DCS encode -40 to +3 dBm. Hi/Lo range selector 600 ohm output impedance
CTCSS slope Flat or de-emphasized output
Regenerated CTCSS/DC Selectable encode may be any CTCSS or DCS per user
Tx Hold Time Normal or Alternate transmit hold time selection
Tone in Tail Enable or disable CTCSS/DCS encode during Tx hold time
Courtesy Tone Enable or disable
DCS Polarity Programmable data inverters for encode and decode
Program Mode Access C Five digit DTMF password selectable
Clear Unit may be reset to all factory default settings
Tx Audio Test Generates 1KHz audio tone for transmit deviation adjustment
Repeat Audio Test Enables carrier repeat to adjust Rx audio for unity repeat gain
CTCSS Level Test Keys transmitter with CTCSS tone
CTCSS Pre-emphasis Test Verifies that CTCSS encode frequency response is flat
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