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Amux Intelligent Multiplexer System

Recognized as one of the few manufacturers of custom multiplexers, Zetron has developed an enviable reputation for providing individual application specific multiplexer solutions, tailored to meet individual clients� business needs. The intelligent operating software and modular architecture of the Amux multiplexer allows each system to be engineered with interfaces and functionality to satisfy any unique requirements.
Advanced Network Management software enables the Amux multiplexers to be monitored and controlled from a Graphical User Interface (GUI).
Third Party equipment can be integrated into the common interface as part of a client customized

In its simplest form a multiplexer is simply a unit that allows a number of circuits to be packaged in order to be carried over a high capacity bearer � no matter what the application is, the basic function is the same. Amux Digital Multiplexers

The Amux Digital Multiplexer range includes both the MX1 and the MX2. The MX1 is a low capacity flexible unit
designed for long thin networks where a limited number of channels are required to be dropped and/or inserted. The MX2 is designed for larger applications where significant numbers of circuits need to be interfaced to the bearer network.

Amux Digital Multiplex offer a wide range of benefits to:

  • Custom interfaces and functions can be readily engineered
  • Reliable operation in extreme environments
  • Assembles into complete networks of Amux components

Technical Staff

  • High MTBF and low MTTR
  • Graphical network management package
  • Simple modular architecture
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Telephone support
  • Rugged construction


  • Simple modular architecture
  • Zetron support in system design
  • Availability of standard specifications and application notes
Within Applications including:
  • GSM and cellular networks
  • Tetra/APCO trunk radio infrastructure
  • Distributed radio networks
  • Traditional voice and data transmission networks (radio and fibre)
  • Specialised Railway Communications infrastructure


  • Cost Effective
  • Flexibility to grow and evolve
  • Training requirements are minimal with refresher training unnecessary
  • Reliable and robust
  • Supported world wide through the Zetron  organization
  • Continually evolving through new projects and ongoing R&D

Amux MX1 & MX2

Designed for flexible mounting, the Amux multiplexers can be mounted independent of rack equipment.

Mounting options include:

  • 19" Rack
  • Wall
  • Desk Top

Modular Construction

The Amux MX range consists of an enclosure containing as standard, the multiplexer/processor and power supply modules.

The fitting of optional interface cards provides the network, telephone and data connections.

Amux interface cards currently available include:

  • E1 (CAS, R2, ETSI ISDN)
  • T1
  • Optical Fibre (CAS, R2, ETSI ISDN)
  • 2/4W E&M
  • 2W Telephone/Exchange
  • Data (RS232, 422, 485, N x 64 kbps and G703 64 kbps)
  • Digital Input/Output


Amux MX provides the ability to Cross-connect and/or Drop and Insert circuits/timeslots in E1/T1 streams and the termination of individual voice and data circuits.

Amux Applications

What makes the Amux Multiplexer unique is its evolution, which has been focused on applications not just communications.

Signalling, train control, train radio and trackside telephony.

Public Safety
Bearers interconnecting remote radio sites and control centers.

Remote asset switching and telephony.

Remote radio sites, distributed approach, control and ground communication facilities.

While every application demands reliability and robustness, each has unique requirements.

Railway applications demand fail-safe operation, specialized equipment interfaces, and diverse routing. The Multiplexers offer a range of telephone and radio interfaces as well as specialized data and signalling functionality.

Public utility networks can operate in extremely harsh environments including high voltage and humidity or high exposure to the external environment. Environmental specifications, direct fiber interfaces and EMI/EMC compliance makes the Amux Multiplexer an ideal solution.

In Aviation applications, safety is paramount. With the capability of complete �hot-standby� redundant configuration, the MX2 has been engineered for this type of application.

Custom Engineering

One of Zetron�s major strengths is its ability to engineer new interfaces and to incorporate customer or application specific functionality ensuring the Amux range of multiplexers provide solutions to complex and unique client communications requirements.

Amux Multiplexers incorporate Digital Signal Processing, flash memory and flexible modular architectures, all
complimented by a sophisticated operating system and network management software.

The unique architecture of the Amux Multiplexer solutions ensures that, not only is the solution client customized, but also that the level of redundancy and duplication needed to sustain the client application is identified and included as part of the communication solution.

Client communication solutions and applications are typically critical to their business mission. The Zetron difference is the ability to deliver the communications solution you require to meet your mission-critical needs.

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