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VX-1700 Professional HF Radio


VX-1700 Professional HF RadioThe VX-1700 is an integrated HF communications transceiver designed for the Land Mobile and Government markets.

The VX-1700 provides continuous receiver coverage from 30 kHz to 30.000 MHz.  Transmit from 1.600 to 30.000 MHz.  Operating modes include USB and LSB, AM and CW making the VX-1700 ideal for a wide variety of communications applications.

The multi-purpose Vertex VX-1700 HF  SSB radio is designed to fulfill Long-haul Land Mobile communication requirements.

Though many radios can be adapted for  more than one application, the VX-1700 is well-suited as a mobile or base station. Since the VX-1700 was envisioned as a multi-purpose radio from the beginning, the technology, engineering and manufacturing is the foundation of solid, functional design.

For military dispatches from remote outposts, staying in touch from an offshore drilling rig or lonely forestry lockout, and as a governmental emergency backup system, the multi-purpose VX-1700 is indispensable.

  • More programmability
    To program large amounts of channels or for large fleets, the VX-1700 can be programmed easily with a PC and the CE77 programming software.
  • Channel naming
    Each channel can have a 6 digit alpha tag for easy recognition of the correct channel.
  • Built-in Sellcall feature
    This Vertex Standard Selcall is built in and ready to use. Selectively call one radio or a group of radios.
  • Channel capacity
    The VX-1700 can store 200 channels. There are 5 groups that can be used to store channels. You can have any number of channels per group (or have them all in one group!). Of course, if you use only 5 channels, only 5 will show on the display. Very very versatile.
  • Keyboard frequency entry
    For field use, the VX-1700 is capable of keyboard entry for channel memory.
  • 1.6 KHz to 30 MHz
  • 100 Watt Output SSB
  • ALE (option)
  • Heavy duty
  • PIN Access
  • MIL-STD 810 D/E
  • Dual Watch
  • PC programmable
  • Encryption Option
  • Alpha-numeric LCD
  • Base station or Mobile operation
  • 200 memory channels
  • Dual watch


  • VL-1000 Linear Amplifier
  • VP-1000 AC Power Supply (for VP1000)
  • CT-118 Control Cable (for VL-1000)
  • FP-1030A AC Power Supply
  • MD-200A8X Desktop Microphone
  • FC-30 Antenna Tuner (Coaxial Lines)
  • FC-40 Antenna Tuner (Wire/Whip Ant.)
  • ALE-1 Auto Link Establishment Unit
  • MLS-100 External Speaker
  • YA-30 Broadband HF Antenna
  • YA-007FG Multi-Band Mobile Antenna
  • Shakesphere 23 ft Whip Antenna
  • Custom-Made Wire Antenna ( Ask us )
  • MMB-89 One Touch Mobile Bracket
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