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VX-1210 Rugged HF Manpack Transceiver


VX-1210The VX-1210 is the solution to your HF backpack needs. While other HF manpacks can cost in the thousands, and provide function you do not need, the VX-1210 is a very affordable HF link to keep you in touch.

For your basic HF communications needs, the choice is easy. For features you need, at a great price, and a three year parts and labor warranty, how could you go wrong with the new VX-1210 HF radio.


  • Frequency Coverage
    • RX: . 5-30 MHz 10 Hz Steps 
    • TX: 1. 6 - 30 MHz
  • SSB/ CW, AM, & Data Operating Modes
  • 500 Channels
  • Three custom-programmable Panel Keys
  • Power Output: 20W/5W (J3E / A1A / F1B)
                                10W/2.5W (H3E)
  • MIL-STD Construction
  • Weather Resistant, Rugged construction
  • Battery Status Monitor
  • Battery Saver
  • Whip Antenna (Optional)
  • Goose-neck flexible Whip Antenna (Optional)
  • Built-in Antenna Coupler (Optional)
  • Collapsible Whip Antenna (Optional)
  • Alpha-numeric Labeling of Memories
  • Selcall / Telcall built in (Optional)
  • Kill system to disable unauthorized use (via Selcall)
  • Call Alert / Hailer (Multiple hailing tones available)
  • Noise Blanker
  • CW Semi-break-in
  • Transcript�* SSB Encryption Unit SC20-455 Available
  • Field Programming of frequencies
  • Waterproof  telephone-type Speaker / Microphone Handset (Optional)
  • Optional two-user Handset Combiner (Optional)
  • Transmitter Time-out Timer
  • Compact size 7.6"(W) x 2.9"(H) x 10.8"(D) / (193 x 74 x 274 mm)
  • Light weight 7.1 lbs (3.2 kg) w/FNB-66LI Lithium-ion Battery
  • PC Programmable

Accessories and Options

MH-50B7A Speaker / Microphone
FNB-66LI Lithium-ion Battery Pack
CD-17 Rapid Charger
PA-26B/C AC Adapter 117/220 VAC
ATU-1210 Internal Antenna Coupler
FHA-27 Folding Whip Antenna
SVC-1200 Service Kit
GN-1210 Goose Neck Connector
YHA-61 Whip Antenna
CSC-78 Shoulder Bag
YA-30 Dipole Antenna
CE-42 Programming Software
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