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VXR-1000   16 Channel 25W VHF/UHF Vehicular Repeaters

Designed to enhance Public Safety and Industrial Communications Systems, the VXR-1000 Multi-Channel Cross-Band Vehicular Repeater provides dependable coverage throughout your system without the costly addition of site equipment.

The VXR-1000 is a sophisticated, yet extremely simple to operate, addition to your mobile fleet to allow complete portable coverage utilizing the high output power of your mobiles. With a long list of built-in features, this unit sets the standards for the most cost effective way to optimize your system performance.  

Accessories and Options

MLS-100   External Speaker (12 Watt Peak)
MH-25A8J   Microphone
VPL-1   Radio to Computer Programming Cable
T9101411   Cloning Cable (set to set clone)


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