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VX-920  Portable Radios


The submersible VX-920 series of wide band portables offer an incredible range of features in a convenient package. The VX-920 Series of portable two-way radios are specifically designed to perform in the most demanding and critical conditions with extreme IP55 and IP57 spec water and dust protection.

The VX-920 series portables can actually be submerged under 3 feet (approx. 1 meter) of water for 30 minutes and come up in perfect working order, ready for action. This is the perfect portable radio if you're a dedicated Public Safety officer or a tough environment commercial user - rain, snow, fire suppression spray and dust are no problem. In addition, the Sub-Receiver Option allows dual-band receive for greater flexibility and multi-agency interoperability when full situational awareness at all times is a must. Manufactured to strict ISO 9002 and MIL-STD specifications, the waterproof VX-920 series will perform when you need it most.

 With industry leading features such as Lithium Ion battery technology and advanced programmable user defined features, the VX-920 series submersible portable 2-way radios have set the new standard for Public Safety and commercial applications now, and in the future.


  • Frequency Range:
    UHF: 450-512 MHz
    VHF: 134-174 MHz
  • 48 or 512 Channel Capacity
  • 3 or 16 Groups (Model dependant)
  • 5 Watts Power Output (software selectable 5w / 2.5w / 1w / 0.25 Watts)
  • Three Versions Available:
  • No PF keys / No Display
  • 4 PF keys w/LCD Display
  • 12 key DTMF Pad plus
    • 4 PF keys w/LCD Display
  • Sub-Receiver Option:
    (Note: Future Availability Item)
    SRX-3 Dual Band Rx module
    Adds UHF Receive to VHF radio
    SRX-4 Dual Band Rx module
    Adds VHF Receive to UHF radio
  • Three-position toggle switch
  • Digital ANI Encoder/Decoder Option:
  • Encode MDC1200, GE Star or DTMF ANI per channel
  • Decodes & Displays incoming IDs on radio
  • Public Safety Size: 2.24 x 5.24 x 1.48 (57 x 133 x 37.5 mm)
  • LOUD Audio Output: 700 mW audio output power
  • Dual 2-Tone Paging
  • Battery, Belt Clip & Antenna included
  • MIL-STD 810 C/D/E
  • 12.5/20/25 KHz Ch Spacing UHF
  • 12.5/15/20/25/30 KHz Ch Spacing VHF
  • CTCSS/DCS Encode + Decode
  • Positive Lock Channel Selector
  • Advanced 12 Character Invertible Alphanumeric Display
  • 1150 mAh Lithium-Ion Battery
  • ARTS (Auto Range Transpond System)
  • Tx/Rx Battery Saver Circuit
  • Programmable/User Scan Modes
  • PC Programmable
  • Radio To Radio Cloning
  • Voice Storage/Encryption Available
  • Super Rugged Construction
  • Only 420 grams w/FNB-V86L1, antenna and belt clip.
Accessories and Options
Alignment/Service Related
CT-110 Firmware writing cable (For use with the FIF-8)
FIF-8 Firmware Writer.  Unit comes with a cable for the multi-pin radios (VX-900, VX-4000, etc.).  Please order the CT-92 cable for firmware updating of modular connector radios (VX-3200, VX-4200, VXR-9000, etc.).  Powered by a PA-23B (not supplied).
Alkaline Battery Cases
FBA-34 Alkaline Battery Case VX-820/920 series
ATU-6A 400-430 MHZ / BROWN / 6.5" / VX10UA/600/800/900
ATU-6D 450-485 MHZ / RED / 6" / VX-10/160/180/210/400/600/800/900
ATU-6DS Antenna 450-485 MHz / 3.5"
ATV-10A High Gain antenna, 145-155MHz (Red) / 10.5"
ATV-10B High Gain antenna, 150-160MHz (Brn) / 10.5"
ATV-10C High Gain antenna, 155-165MHz (Blk) / 10.5"
ATV-10E High Gain antenna, 165-175MHz (Org) / 10.5"
ATV-6B Antenna 150-163 MHz / 3.5" 
ATV-6C Antenna 161-174 MHz / 3.5" 
ATV-6XL 7" untunned VHF antenna
ATV-8A Antenna 134-150 MHz / Sable / 6" 
ATV-8B Antenna 150-163 MHz / Sable / 6" 
ATV-8C Antenna 162-174 MHz / Sable / 6" 
ATW-1A Dual-band antenna for multi-band Rx: 134-151MHz / 450-520MHz
ATW-1B Dual-band antenna for multi-band Rx: 150-163MHz / 450-520MHz
ATW-1C Dual-band antenna for multi-band Rx: 161-174MHz / 450-520MHz
FNB-V86LI 7.4 V 1150mAh Li-ion Battery
FNB-V87LI 7.4V 2000mAh Li-ion Battery
FNB-V92LIIS Intrinsically Safe LiION Battery, 7.4 V / 3000mAH
LCC-920S Leather Case with Swivel and Belt Loop
VAC-6920B 120/240VAC 6 unit Multi-Rapid Charger w/ US power cable
VAC-920B 120 VAC Desktop Rapid charger
VAC-920C 240 VAC Desk top rapid charger 
Headsets and Surveillance
VH-111 Heavy Duty, Dual Muff, Over the head style, with Boom Mic
VH-121 3 Wire Mini Lapel Mic Surveillance Kit
VH-131 2-Wire Palm PTT Surveillance Kit
Programming and Installation
CT-108 PC programming cable (for use with the FIF-10 or FIF-10A USB Interface)
CT-109 PC Programming kit (Contains a VPL-1 programming cable and adaptor for the new VX-820/920 portables)
CT-110 Firmware writing cable (For use with the FIF-8)
CT-115 Programming cable only (requires VPL-1)
CT-116 Radio to Radio Programming Cable
FIF-10A FIF-10A USB Interface for PC programming. Check specific models for additional cable pigtails. Pigtails not included.
INST-OPT Installation Charge.
PROGRAMMING Factory Radio Programming (single channel only)
VX MPI Programming Kit for the MDC1200 and the FVP-35
DVS-5 Digital Voice Storage Board (120 sec. max.)
FVP-25 Encryption Unit (Band Inversion Type) and DTMF Paging.    (requires FIF-7 if installed into the VX-4000 / VX-5500 / VX-6000)
FVP-35 Plug-in Rolling Code Encryption.
Requires FIF-7 if installed into the VX-4000 / VX-5500 / VX-6000.  Requires VX MPI for programming
SRX-3 Dual Band Rx module.  Adds UHF Rx to VHF radio
(order special ATW antenna)
SRX-4 Dual Band Rx module.  Adds VHF Rx to UHF radio (order special ATW antenna)
VMDE-200 MDC1200 Encoder/Decoder module
VME-100 The VME-100 is a plug-in ANI encoder capable of encoding MDC1200, GE Star or DTMF ANI per channel.
Speaker Microphones
MH-50D7A Public Safety Speaker Microphone w/toggle, MIL-STD Rated
MH-66A7A MH-66A7A Submersible Noise Canceling Speaker Microphone
MH-66B7A MH-66B7A Submersible Speaker Microphone with 2 Programmable Function Keys and Audio Attenuator Switch.
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