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VX-820  Portable Radios


The submersible VX-820 series of wide band portables offer an incredible range of features in a small package (only 4 inches tall, 2 inches wide!). The VX-820 Series of portable two-way radios are specifically designed to perform in the most demanding and critical conditions with extreme IP55 and IP57 spec water and dust protection.

The VX-820 series portables can actually be submerged under 3 feet (approx. 1 meter) of water for 30 minutes and come up in perfect working order, ready for action. This is the perfect portable radio if you're a dedicated Public Safety officer or a tough environment commercial user - rain, snow, fire suppression spray and dust are no problem.

Manufactured to strict ISO 9002 and MIL-STD specifications, the waterproof VX-820 series will perform when you need it most. With industry leading features such as Lithium Ion battery technology and advanced programmable user defined features, the VX-820 series submersible portable 2-way radios have set the new standard for Public Safety and commercial applications now, and in the future.

  • 16 or 512 Channel Capacity
  • No PF keys, 4 PF keys or 12 key DTMF pad plus 4 PF keys.
  • LCD or no LCD
  • Freq Range of 134 � 174 MHz (in one radio, no sub-bands) 
  • Freq Range of 450 � 512 MHz (in one radio, no sub-bands)
  • 700 mW audio output power
  • Small package (only 4inches tall, 2 inches wide!)


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