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VX-2500 VHF/UHF Portable Radios


25 watt, 128 channel Feature Rich compact mobile. The new VX-2500 Conventional takes the size and power of the popular VX-2000 series mobiles, and adds the features demanded by the Power Users. Features like: Alpha Display, 2-Tone Decode, Emergency Functions, Audio Companding and many more.


  • Alpha Numeric Display(14 segments x 8 digits)
  • Rugged Die-Cast Construction .
  • CTCSS Encoder/ Decoder.
  • DCS Encoder/ Decoder.
  • DTMF ANI Encoder.
  • Firmware Update Capability.
  • Versatile Scanning.
  • Key Assignment Available.
  • Programmable Alert Tones.
  • Compander Included.
  • Emergency Function.
  • Encryption (optional - FVP-25).
  • DTMF Paging (optional - FVP-25).
  • Front Mounted Speaker.
  • ARTS� Functions on the conventional mode.
  • TOT, BCLO, BTLO Function.
  • MIL SPEC RATED (MIL 810 C, D & E).
  • PC Programmable.

Alpha-numeric Display (14 Segments x 8 Digits)
The 8-digit Alpha-numeric display allows quick channel identification by the user, and is easy to read from a wide range of viewing angles.

Sub-audible (CTCSS) 50-tone Encoder and Decoder circuits are built into every For  VX-2500, ensuring compatibility with modern repeater requirements. applications requiring Digital Coded Squelch signaling, full-featured DCS Encoder and Decoder circuits provide leading-edge protection from false decoding. Any  combination of CTCSS and DCS will be available on the same channel.

DTMF ANI Encoder
Automatic Number Identification (ANI) via an automatic DTMF Encoder is also provided among the VX-2500�s versatile signaling capabilities.

Versatile Scanning
A wide range of set-up options are available during configuration of the VX-2500, to ensure compatibility with the operating requirements of your system�s users.

Programmable Front Panel Keys
Custom assignment of important functions to front panel keys is available at the time of  programming, to provide the most ergonomically-friendly transceiver available today. Programmable Alert Tones Among the useful set-up options for the VX-2500 is the capability to customize the "Alert" tones generated from the transceiver, for ease of recognition by the user.

Emergency Mode
When activated, the "Emergency" feature sends out the DTMF ANI, and cycles between transmit and receive, to serve as an emergency beacon to alert the dispatcher as to the need for immediate aid.

Encryption (Optional FVP-25 required)
For applications requiring secure communications, the optional FVP-25 Paging/ Encryption Unit provides scrambling and descrambling functions.

DTMF Paging
For dispatch or network operations where DTMF Paging is required, the optional FVP-25 Paging/Encryption fulfills this requirements, as well.

ARTS� Feature
The Auto-Range Transponder System, a Vertex Standard exclusive, alerts the operator TM -equipped station (for example, a hand-held unit) moves out of when another ARTS communication range. You can then advise the other user to move to a better location.

TOT, BCLO, BTLO Features
Among the most useful protection features of the VX-2500 are the transmitter Time-Out Timer (TOT), Busy Channel Lock-Out (BCLO), and Busy Tone Lock-Out (BTLO), to ensure efficient network performance at all times.

Rugged, Die-cast Construction
The VX-2500�s circuitry is housed within a die-cast aluminum enclosure, which doubles as a heat sink. This extraordinarily durable construction ensures many years of reliable operation, even in high-vibration installations

MIL-Spec Rated (MIL 810 C/D/E)
The ultra-rugged design of the VX-2500 Series enables it to be fully compliant with the exacting specifications of MIL 810 C, D, and E, pursuant to the test procedures documented below.



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