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Smart RXR Series


The RXR Series amplifiers are our most popular cost effective, continuous duty power amplifiers. This package will accept any TPL amplifier from VHF Low Band through 960 MHz, with output levels up to 150 watts.

The vertical fins provide excellent convection cooling, or if conditions warrant, a cooling fan will be installed. All configurations use 7" of vertical rack space and are designed with a flat front panel allowing for installation into a cabinet leaving sufficient room for airflow with the door closed. These amplifiers have a circuit breaker/on-off switch conveniently located on the front panel and can be supplied with or without a switching power supply. This series is the most versatile unit of its type on the market today.


  • Cooling fan provided for power levels exceeding 40 Watts for RS models, 75 Watts for RXR models.

  • Accommodates all bands from 29.7 MHz to 960 MHz.

  • Vertical fins for efficient convection cooling.

  • 100% duty cycle operation.

  • Repeater or base station operation (with bypass relay option).

  • 19" rack mountable configuration.

  • Available with or without self-contained switching power supply.

  • Front panel circuit breaker/on-off switch.

  • Flat front panel allows for cabinet door closure.

  • Optional provision for battery backup.

  • Cost effective design.


Power Input Standard TPL amplifier input levels, optional 10mW or less.
Power Output 50 to 150 watts.
Frequencies VHF Low Band, VHF High Band, 220 MHz, UHF, 700-960 MHz
Voltage 13.8 VDC, 120 or 240 VAC (24 VDC or 48 VDC available).
Current 5-24 Amps DC/1-4 Amps AC.
Harmonic Attenuation Exceeds FCC specifications.
RF Connectors Type N, 50 Ohms.
Operating Temperature -30 to +50 degrees C.
Duty Cycle Continuous (100%).
Weight 7 lbs., 14 lbs., w/power supply.


19" W x 7" H x 3" D (without fan), 19" W x 7" H x 5" D (with fan). 8" D w/power supply.








LOW BAND (35-50MHz)


1-4W 10-40W 8 Amps


2-8W 10-40W 8 Amps
PA1-1AE-RXRF 2-4W 60-100W 16 Amps
PA1-1BE-RXRF 4-8W 60-100W 16 Amps
PA1-1CE-RXRF 8-16W 60-100W 16 Amps
PA1-1DE-RXRF 20-40W 60-100W 16 Amps
PA1-1FE-RXRF 40-60W 60-100W 16 Amps
VHF MID BAND 66-88MHz (For export only - Not FCC Certified)
PA2-1AD-RXRF 1-4W 60-100W 14 Amps
PA2-1CD-RXRF 5-25W 40-100W 14 Amps
VHF HIGH BAND (136-174MHz)
PA3-1AC-RSF 1-5W 10-45W 8 Amps
PA3-1AC3-RSF 2-8W 10-45W 8 Amps
PA3-1DC-RSF 8-15W 30-45W 6 Amps
PA3-1EE-RXRF 50-250mW 90-150W 24 Amps
PA3-1AE-RXRF 1-2.5W 80-150W 20 Amps
PA3-1AE3-RXRF 2.5-5W 80-150W 20 Amps
PA3-1DE-RXRF 8-15W 80-150W 16 Amps
PA3-1FE-RXRF 15-25W 80-150W 14 Amps
PA3-1FE3-RXRF 25-50W 80-150W 14 Amps
PA3-2FF-RXH3 (28 VDC) 8-15W 200-250W 18 Amps
PA3-2GF-RXH3 (28 VDC) 20-70W 140-250W 18 Amps
UHF LOW BAND (216-222 MHz)
PA4-1AE-RXRF 1-4W 70-100W 18 Amps
PA4-1BE-RXRF 8-15W 70-100W 14 Amps
UHF BAND (400-512MHz)
PA6-1AC-RSF 1-4W 10-50W 8 Amps
PA6-1AC3-RSF 2-8W 10-50W 8 Amps
PA6-1BC-RSF 8-15W 25-50W 7 Amps
PA6-1EE-RXRF 50-250mW 75-100W 24 Amps
PA6-1AE-RXRF 1-3W 75-100W 20 Amps
PA6-1AE3-RXRF 3-6W 75-100W 20 Amps
PA6-1BE-RXRF 8-15W 75-100W 16 Amps
PA6-1FE-RXRF 15-30W 75-100W 15 Amps
UHF HIGH BAND (700-960 MHz)
PA7-2BE-RXRF (28 VDC) 8-15W 70-100W 8 Amps
PA8-1EB-RS 50-250mW 20-35W 8 Amps
PA8-1AA-RS 1-3W 10-20W 5 Amps
PA8-1AB-RS 2-5W 20-35W 7 Amps
PA8-1ED-RXRF 50-250mW 50-80W 20 Amps
PA8-1AC-RXR 5W 35-75W 16 Amps
PA8-1DD-RXRF 5-15W 50-80W 18 Amps
PA8-1FD-RXRF 20-40W 50-80W 14 Amps
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