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SMART MAS amplifier series contains all the features of our very popular MAS series of continuous duty power amplifiers. However, this new SMART unit has added features such as Controlled Output Level, Amplifier Protection, Local Failure Monitoring, and Outputs for Remote Monitoring.

As with the MAS series, this unit will accept any TPL amplifier from VHF Low Band through 960 MHz. It is designed to house up to five 100 Watt vertical slide-in amplifiers in a 19" horizontal rack, while using only 7" of vertical rack space. Each amplifier has a circuit breaker/on-off switch and LED indicators, conveniently located on the front panel for DC On, RF On, as well as for VSWR, Low Power, and Over Temperature Alarms. The rear panel has discrete connectors for RF and DC.

Blind-mate D-SUB connectors are also available upon request. As an accessory, a power supply unit with the ability to house up to five power supplies is available in a 5 1/4" high by 19" wide, rack mount enclosure (MAS-PS), with an additional 5 Amps DC auxiliary terminal available per power supply to power an exciter, etc.


  • Capable of housing five 100 Watt slide-in units in a 19" rack mount configuration.

  • Accommodates all bands from 29.7 MHz to 960 MHz.

  • Feedback Controlled Output Level.

  • VSWR and Over Temperature Protection (Power Reduction).

  • Local Failure Monitoring.

  • Outputs for Remote Monitoring.

    • LED indicators for:

    • DC ON

    • RF ON

    • VSWR



  • Forced air cooling with two thermostatically controlled fans for each amplifier.

  • 100% duty cycle operation.

  • Trunking, Repeater or Base Station operation (with antenna switch relay option).

  • Front panel circuit breaker/on-off switch.

  • Power Supply modules have Power on and Fault LED indicators and 5 Amp auxiliary terminals to power an exciter, etc.

  • Cost effective design.


Power Input

Standard TPL amplifier input levels, optional 10 mW or less.

Power Output

Up to 100 Watts.


VHF Low Band, VHF High Band, 220 MHz, UHF, 700-960 MHz.


FM/CW (Linear available in some models).


13.8 VDC. 120 or 240 VAC with optional Power Supply.

Current, DC Operation

20 Amps DC per amplifier typical at 100 Watts.

Current w/Optional Power Supply

15 Amps AC typical (w/5 amplifiers at 100 Watts each, at 120 VAC).

Harmonic & Spurious Attenuation

Exceeds FCC specifications.

RF Connectors

Type "N", or D-SUB Blind-mate (optional).

In/Out Impedance

50 Ohms.

Mismatch Capability

20:1 VSWR. Infinite on 800 MHz models if isolator option is selected.

Operating Temperature

-30 to +50 degrees C.

Overtemp/VSWR Protection

Proportional reduction of output power.

Duty Cycle

Continuous (100%).

Size, Amplifier Assembly

19" W x 7" H x 14" D (up to five modules).

Size, Power Supply Assembly

19" W x 5 1/4" H x 15" D (up to five power supply modules).

Warranty Two years parts and labor.
VHF LOW Band (35-50MHz) All Low Band Units will tune to any frequency between 35 and 50MHz with +/- 1 MHz maximum bandwidth.
PA1-1AE-SMAS 4-6W 100 W
PA1-1BE-SMAS 6-10W 100 W
PA1-1CE-SMAS 12-20W 100 W
PA1-1DE-SMAS 25-40W 100 W
PA1-1FE-SMAS 40-60W 100 W
VHF HIGH BAND (136-174MHz)
PA3-1EE-SMAS 100-250mW 100 W
PA3-1AE-SMAS 2-4W 100 W
PA3-1AE3-SMAS 3-6W 100 W
PA3-1DE-SMAS 10-20W 100 W
PA3-1FE-SMAS 20-30W 100 W
PA3-1FE3-SMAS 30-50W 100 W
UHF (216-266)


2-6 W 100 W
PA4-1BE-SMAS 10-20 W 100 W

UHF BAND 400-512 MHz


50-250mW 100 W


2-4 W 100 W


4-8 W 100 W


10-20 W

100 W

20-40 W

100 W




10-15 W 100W


50-250 mW 80W


10-25 W 80W
PA8-1FD-SMAS 20-40 W 80W
  1. TPL Commercial Amplifiers are type accepted under Parts 22 and 90. In addition, some Amplifiers are also type accepted under Part 95.
  2. Please include transmit frequency and radio power to enable TPL to tune amplifier for optimum performance. All standard units operate on 13.8 VDC.
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