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HMS Series
High Power Amplifier System

The HMS series is designed to provide high power output from VHF Low Band through 960MHz. It is manufactured for rugged use while  combining the latest technology into a space efficient package. These units are totally self contained with a regulated switching power supply, using only 10 1/2" of vertical rack space and 15" of depth. Internal circuitry monitors several parameters of the amplifier, including forward and reflected power.

Input and output connectors are located on the rear of the unit, making it convenient to connect coaxial cables. TPL has made the unit easy to service if necessary. The amplifier RF deck has all wiring contained in one harness, which can be easily disconnected, allowing only the RF deck to be removed for servicing. A new RF deck could be installed in a matter of minutes.


  • Fully enclosed compact package with switching power supply.
  • Digital meter monitoring for system evaluation and maintenance, including forward and reflected power.
  • Adjustable output power, feedback controlled.
  • Alarms for low power, over temperature, VSWR, and fan failure.
  • VSWR protection/power reduction.
  • Over temperature protection/power reduction.
  • Adjustable alarm and protection thresholds.
  • Provision for remote monitoring.
  • Forced air cooling with three fans.
  • Convenient access for amplifier adjustments.
  • Excellent field serviceability.
  • Repeater or base station operation (with coaxial antenna switch relay option).
  • Other bands and modes available on special order.




PA3-2EF-HMS 250mW-1W 250W
PA3-2AF-HMS 1-2W 250W
PA3-2BF-HMS 2-4W 250W
PA3-2CF-HMS 5-10W 250W
PA3-2FF-HMS 10-15W 250W
PA3-2GF-HMS 20-30W 250W
VHF HIGH BAND (136-174MHz)
PA3-2EG-HMS 500mW-2W 500W
PA3-2AG-HMS 2-4W 500W
PA3-2BG-HMS 4-8W 500W
PA3-2CG-HMS 10-20W 500W
PA3-2FG-HMS 25-35W 500W
PA3-2GG-HMS 50-70W 500W
UHF BAND (400-512MHz)
PA6-2EF-HMS 75-150mW 300W
PA6-2BF-HMS 5-12W 300W
PA6-2GF-HMS 20-45W 300W
UHF HIGH BAND (806-960 MHz)
PA8-2EG-HMS 100mW 250W
PA8-2EG3-HMS 200mW 250W
PA8-2EG6-HMS 400mW 250W
PA8-2BG-HMS 3-6W 250W
PA8-2BG3-HMS 7-12W 250W
PA8-2BG6-HMS 13-24W 250W
PA8-2DG-HMS 35-50W 250W
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