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ST-965 XPRESS Enhanced Trunking protocol which offers highly encrypted anti-hacker privacy, faster channel acquisition, SMS services and AVL solution for fleet management.

ST-965 logic boards series were designed for high quality communications performance, leading the end user to a more comfortable and reliable radio system usage, and management.

The new ST-965 boards are SmarTrunk Xpress protocol capable, as well as  SmarTrunk II backwards compatible. In addition enhanced features and services were added to the new  SmarTrunk Xpress Logic boards for Kenwood, Motorola, Icom, Vertex and HYT radios, features as Parking Channel channel acquisition basis, which improves the efficiency of channel management reducing critically the channel acquisition  time, data transferring capabilities @ 1200 to 2400 baud rate, advanced test messaging services, and AVL capabilities among other important improvements.


  • Highly encrypted over the air data.
  • SmarTrunk II backwards Compatible.
  • Xpress protocol embedded.
  • Parking channel based for SmarTrunk Xpress operation.
  • Easy hardware installing.
  • Easy software programming.
  • Over-the-air programming enabled.
  • In field firmware programmable.
  • Selective calling.
  • Dispatch calling (mobile/base to group).
  • Advanced text messaging (up to 64 characters for base to mobile).
  • GPS data transceiving.
  • Up to 24 characters, w/8 characters length quick preview mobile to mobile embedded SMS
    (over-the software programmable).
  • Individual AVL polling response.
  • Group AVL polling response in dynamic time slots.
  • Automatic polling (by software).
  • Mobile to mobile data transmissions.
  • Mobiles monitoring and control.
  • Single site automatic registration.
  • Xpress Talk-around algorithm enabled.
  • Expansion port for custom applications.
  • Scrollable menus for radios with display.
  • Up to 75 memory slots scrollable phone book.
  • Alphanumeric Caller ID.
  • Pre-PTT ANI.
  • Conventional Operation AVL Firmware Available.
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