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SitePro Components

Butterfly Hangers

  • 304 Stainless Steel

  • Captivated slotted SS screw & nut for tightening.

  • Attach with 3/8� hardware kits, banding, round member adapters, angle adapters or standoff kits.

  • Fits Corrugated and smooth wall cables.

Clip Hangers

  •  304 Stainless Steel.
  • Easy to use, just clip the bail, no nuts or bolts.
  • Special stiffening rib maximizes cable retention.
  • Attach with 3/8� hardware kits, banding, round member adapters, angle adapters, or standoff kits.
  • Fits Corrugated and Smooth wall cables.


Dual Cable Snap-Ins�

  • Our one piece Dual Cable Snap-In� allows two cables to be attached to one 3/4� hole.

  • Innovative design piggybacks a Clip Hanger to a Snap-In hanger.

  • On 1-5/8� & 1-1/4� models the Hanger clip swings up and out of the way to allow easy insertion of the snap-in and then simply swing it down and it locks in place.

  • Easier & faster to use than stackable snap-ins. Will not damage cable, will not appear on sweep tests.

  • Lowest Cost: Don�t forget when comparing price you need twice as many stackable snap-ins. Each of our Dual Cable Snap-Ins holds two cables.

Stackable Snap-In Hangers

  • 304 Stainless Steel.
  • For use on all corrugated cables.
  • Heavy duty design prevents pop-outs.
  • Excellent cable retention.''

True-Grip� Snap-Ins

  • 304 Stainless Steel construction.
  • Engineered to be strong, yet easy to use.
  • Excellent cable retention.
  • All edges are smooth so they will not cut the installer�s hands. BEST PRICE!''

Closed Hoisting Grips

  • Closed style allows simplified installation, simply slip-on to cable.

  • Use at top of cable before attaching connector.


Lace-Up Hoisting Grips

  • Lace-Up grips allow installation after cables are installed.
  • Our grips are longer, resulting in less stress to the cable and greater performance in resisting pull-out, flexure & vibration.

Cushion Hanger Kits

  • Manufactured from Dow Dupont EPDM rubber for excellent UV resistance.

  • Kit includes rubber inserts, SS hose clamps and clamp heads.

  • Attach with 3/8� hardware.''

Coax Blocks

  • Manufactured from glass filled polypropylene for long term UV resistance.
  • Interior ribs, combined with increased width, supply superior cable retention.
  • Mount with 3/8� mounting hardware shown below.

Aluminum Entry Panels

  • Manufactured from heavy gauge T6 Aluminum.

  • Tough baked-on powder coat finish.

  • Gasket riveted between port & panel for a weatherproof seal.

  • Sealing caps and mounting hardware included.

  • Accepts 4� Boots.''

Duct Seal

  • Used for sealing entry panels.
  • Excellent adhesion.
  • Can be painted.
  • Unlimited shelf life.

EZ-ON� Ground Kits

  • Simple installation, simply wrap around cable and insert nose through slot; now simply bend the tab over.

  • Special locking tabs insure tight fit without any damage to the cable.

  • Once you use this kit you will walk away impressed with it�s simplicity and effectiveness.

  • Kit includes universal slotted 3/8� two hole lug, hardware, butyl &Plymouth electrical tape.

Universal Ground Kits

  • Fits coax cables from 1/2� to 3�, also fits elliptical waveguide EW43 to EW220 and WE61 to WE191.
  • Cut or break scored copper strap at marked location.
  • Kit includes universal slotted 3/8� two hole lug, hardware, butyl, Plymouth electrical tape and brass tightening tool.
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