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Base Station Duplexers

R-104GC (picture not available) The R-104GC Band Reject Duplexer utilizes the same helical resonators as R-101GC, in a 6-cavity configuration for application in those systems where the close separation and high isolation of the R-101GC are not required. Minimum spacing for the R-104GC is 500 kHz.
R-101GC (picture not available) The R-101GC Band Reject Duplexer provides extremely high isolation for separation at a minimum of 300 kHz in the 30-50 MHz frequency range. The use of carefully temperature-compensated helical resonators, in conjunction with the reject notch design, allow the 8-cavity duplexer to be housed in a cabinet 22 inches wide, 18 inches deep and only 66 inches high. Comparable performance utilizing conventional quarter-wave resonators would require a cabinet nearly twice as high, with four times the volume.


Electrical Specifications



Frequency Range


30-37, 37-43, 43-50

Frequency Separation


0.3 min.

0.5 min

Insertion Loss


Tx to Ant.

1.6 max.

Rx to Ant.

1.6 max.



Tx noise suppression at Rx

90 min.

75 min.

Rx isolation at Tx

90 min.

75 min.

Maximum Input VSWR


Maximum Input Power




'N' Female

Temperature Range

-40C to +60�C

Mechanical Specifications R-101GC R-104GC
HEIGHT in (mm

66.4 (1,687)

WIDTH in (mm)

22.0 (559)

DEPTH in (mm)

18.0 (457)

WEIGHT lb.(kg 210 (95.3) 180 (81.6)
Mounting Information

Free standing cabinet

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