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Base Station Duplexers


The Q-4220E duplexer utilizer Res-Lok™ construction to achieve maximum performance in an extremely compact package. The Q-4220E is ideally suited for 45 MHz Tx to Rx separation, but may also be ordered for spacing as low as 3.6 MHz.

Q-3220C(picture not available)

When rack space is the prime consideration, this 4-cavity very compact duplexer is ideal. It is designed to provide optimum performance for systems with 5MHz frequency separation operati9ng in the 450-470 MHz frequency band.Typically low insertion loss and high isolation, characteristic of all Sinclair Q-circuit Res-Lok™ duplexers, is achieved with this unit.

Q-3330C(picture not available)

Similar to the Q-3220C duplexer, this very compact unit provides enhanced isolation characteristics through the addition of two cavities. The entire 6-cavity duplexer mounts in a standard 19 inch rack, occupying only 4.17 inches of vertical space.

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