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Base Station Duplexers


The Q301G base station duplexer utilizes Sinclair's Q-circuit design in a 6-cavity configuration to provide very high attenuation at extremely close frequency separation in the 406-512 MHz band. This design provides a quasi-bandpass response, resulting in suppression of spurious and side-band transmitter noise between and adjacent to the duplex frequencies.

The Q-302G is available in either rack-mounted, Q-301GR, or cabinet enclosed,      Q-301GC, configuration.

Q318G (picture not available)

The Q-318G is a 4-cavity duplexer, similar to the Q-301G, for use with frequency separations down to 2Mhz in the 4.06-512 MHz band. It is available in either rack-mounted, Q-318GR, or cabinet enclosed, Q-318GC configuration
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