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Base Station Duplexers



The Q-202G is a 4-cavity duplexer, similar to the Q-201G, for use with minimum frequency separations of 500 kHz or greater, in the 132-174 MHz band. It is available in either a cabinet, Q-202 GC, or rack-mounted, Q-202 GR, configuration. An enclosed, rack-mounted version can be provided upon request.

Q-201G(picture not available)

The Q-202G duplexer utilizes Sinclair's Q-circuit design in a 6-cavity configuration to provide very high attenuation at extremely close frequency separation in the 132-174 MHz band. This design provides a quasi-bandpass response, resulting in suppression of spurious and sideband transmitter noise between, and adjacent to, the duplex frequencies. The typical isolation attained between duplex frequencies is greater than 50 dB.

The Q-201G is available in either cabinet, Q-201GC, or rack-mounted,Q-201GR, configuration.

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