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Series Solar Panels

CS6D is designed for powering remote telecommunication equipment, information monitoring systems and other industrial equipment in off-grid areas or when stand-alone power system is more cost effective.

  • Power supply for remote telecommunication equipment

  • Monitoring systems for the oil & gas industry

  • Traffic, security, environment, and other remote monitoring and signaling systems

  • Water pumping systems

  • Rural electrification

  • Small home power systems

  • 12V and 24V battery charging system

  • Other industrial and consumer applications
  • 36 High-Efficiency Solar Cells.

  • Special Aluminum Frame Design: The specially treated frame aluminum substantially increases module endurance against high winds and snow load.

  • Reinforced Solar Glass: The high-transparency low-iron tempered glass allows maximum light permeability while enhancing stiffness and impact resistance.

  • Advanced Cell Encapsulation: The interconnected cells are embedded in ultra transparent EVA with multilayer backsheets for additional weather protection.

  • Optimized Module Surface Area: The distance between the frame edge and the cell circuitry is calculated according to the electrical output optimization.

Electrical Specifications
Module type CS6D-50P
Maximum Power Pm 50 Watts
Voltage at Maximum Power Vmp 17.2 V
Current at Maximum Power Imp 2.90 A
Open Circuit Voltage Voc 21.5 V
Short Circuit Current Isc 3.16 A
Rated Power Tolerance �5 Watts
Nominal Battery Voltage 12 V
Normal Operating Cell Temperature (NOCT) 45� C
Temperature Coefficients of Pm -0.45%/�C
Temperature Coefficients of Voc -0.35%/�C
Temperature Coefficients of Isc -0.060%/�C
Maximum System Voltage IEC 1000 / ETL 600 V
Cell Information
Size of Cells 156 � 78 mm
Type of Cells Polycrystalline
Cells per Module 36 pcs
Grid Pattern (x*y) 4 x 9 pcs
Module Information
Junction Box RH0503
Connection 05-1
Dimensions 783 x 666 x 35 mm
Weight 14.4 lbs / 6.5 kg
Safety Certifications TUV, IEC, CE, ETL, TUV- (TPT), TUV - Junction Box
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