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System Features

The RANGER Rural Telephone System is a unique communications system designed to extend landbased telephone lines to remote areas via an RF channel. The Voyager System is composed of two units, a Base and a Remote. The Base connects to the actual telephone line, and the Remote connects to the telephone itself. Besides rural telephones, other applications include:

Oil Platforms

Highway Call Boxes

Oil Plataforms

Call Boxes

Construction Sites


Construction Sites


The Rural Telephone System allows interface with virtually any type of telephone-related device, including: all types of telephones (pulse dial or DTMF dial), computer modems, FAX machines, security devices, answering machines or cordless telephones.

Voyagers come in two different mechanical packages. The desktop Voyager is compact and utilizes an external AC power supply. The rack-mountable Voyager II features high RF power output, a status display on the front panel, and an optional built-in AC power supply.


ONE-TO-ONE: (point-to-point) One Remote uses one full-duplex radio channel to communicate with a base which is connected to a telephone line.

ONE-TO-MANY: (point-to-multi-point) Multiple Remotes are set to communicate with one Base on one phone line. Only one of the Remotes can use the line at one time.

TRUNKED: Multiple Remotes may utilize up to 8 full duplex channels and 8 Bases. Each Base is assigned a different frequency pair, and each Remote automatically uses one of the 8 available radio channels.

NETWORK MODE: Trunked mode operation is enhanced by adding a network repeater to permit communication between Remote units without going through TelCo lines. Up to 6 base channels may be used in this mode.


SYNTHESIZED: 2 independent synthesizers are used to set the transmit and receive frequencies.

INTERNAL DUPLEXER: Capable of the TX/RX split of 4.5 - 6 MHz. The duplexer is a 6. cavity extruded aluminum unit designed to meet commerciarand industrial standards.

AUTOMATIC TRUNKING: Voyagers will automatically share available radio channels by utilizing a proprietary, high speed trunking protocol.

OVER DIAL: The base may be programmed to decode DTMF over-dialed digits, thus allowing selective calling of multiple Remotes from one Base. An optional dial click decoder is available for pulse over-dial applications.

AUTO RING-BACK: The Remote may be programmed to ring the user back w hen the channel is clear to use.

FULL BELL COMPATIBILITY: The Remote fully emulates a standard telephone line per EIA-464. The Base meets all FCC Part 68 specifications and EIA-470-A.0

OPTIONAL I.D. VALIDATOR: Controls access of Remotes to One-to-Many and Trunked systems through I.D. code verification/validation. Useful to establish a customer database for billing purposes.


  • Transmit and Receive Frequencies
  • Privacy Code (Over 10,000 codes available)
  • Call Limit (Disabled or 1-99 minutes)
  • 1st and 2nd Digit Call Restriction
  • Busy Channel Lockout
  • Auto Ring-Back


  • AC Power Supply
  • Voice Scrambler
  • Yagi Antenna
  • RG-58 / RG-8 Coaxial Cable
  • Solar Panel
  • I.D. Validator& Billing Interface
  • Pulsar IV Dial Click Decoder

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