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CDR500 - CDR700

Motorola continues to develop integrated systems to provide the extended communication your business needs to succeed.

Every day your business grows and adapts to meet new challenges. You demand more speed, flexibility, and more range from your communication tools. To provide the extended coverage your business requires, Motorola engineered the CDR500 and CDR700 repeaters.CDR500-700

The CDR500 and CDR700 repeaters offer the increased functionality, power and range necessary to enhance the capabilities of the PRO Series mobile radios. Having clear communication over an extended range translates into superior customer service, giving you the advantage of reaching your people in more places, with more information and better solutions for your customers.

CDR500 Wall Mount Repeater
The CDR500 repeater is easy to install and offers a compact design that allows more flexibility when choosing a location. Its remarkable flexibility lets you choose the specific frequency and power levels you need.

CDR700 Desktop Repeater
The CDR700 repeater can be used as a base station or as a remote repeater. The quiet performance and the attractive design gives you the option of installing the CDR700 model on your desktop or any other accessible area.

Range Extension
In addition to the standard repeater operation, which extends the range of your radio fleet, other modes of operation allow an UHF frequency radio to talk to a VHF frequency radio within your fleet. It also lets you monitor transmissions on frequencies in another band and allows you to link separate coverage areas.

Capability Expansion*
Your CDR repeater's capabilities can be expanded through the addition of special options:

Community Repeater Capability--lets multiple groups share the same radio channel.

Telephone Interconnect--lets radio users access a local landline telephone network, further expanding your communications reach.

SmarTrunk II� Trunking--provides faster access to channels, security, privacy, and telephone access.

Standard CDR500 Repeater Includes:

  • Metal Housing with Temperature Controlled Fan Assembly
  • Mounting Bracket
  • Interconnection Cables
  • Service Manual
  • Power Supply with Switchable Primary Voltage

Standard CDR700 Repeater Includes:

  • Metal Enclosure with Fan Assembly
  • Interconnection Cables
  • Service Manual

R.I.C.K. Module Features (Repeater Interface Communications Kit)

  • Programmable Dip Switch
  • Hang Time 0, 1.5 or 3 seconds
  • Audio Path Capability
  • Bi-Directional or Uni-Directional Operation
  • Front Panel "Repeater Enable Control"
  • Variable Level Repeat Audio Path
  • Compatible with RapidCall Signaling

Complete Package Requires the Addition of:

  • 2 PRO Series Mobile Radios
  • Duplexer

CDR Repeaters Features

  • Lockable Wall Mount
  • Field Programmable
  • Supports UHF, VHF, and Lowband Frequencies
  • Internal Mounting for Duplexer and Preselector
  • Crossband Capable

Alternatives to Standard Configuration:

  • ZR310 Multiple Tone Panel
  • i20R On-site Repeater
  • ZR340 Interconnect with Selective Calling
  • Enhanced SmarTrunk II� Repeater
  • Zetron� Model 42
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