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PRO9150™ PORTABLE: The Sophisticated Radio

PRO9150In many organizations, there is a need for professionals to communicate using a higher level of two-way sophistication. That's why Motorola built the 160-channel PRO9150 portable radio- The most complete communications tool in the PRO Series.

The PRO9150 portable includes all the features of the PRO5150 and PRO7150 portable radios, and more. With it, you can initiate private links with individual radios;  automatically retry a radio call while tending to other tasks; retain voice messages in built-in memory; and easily read commands on the large, four-line iconic display. This powerful radio is designed to allow you to quickly contact and coordinate your personnel, as well as outside vendors or customers that need to reach you.

In addition, the PRO9150 portable comes with a special microphone that can minimize background noise.

Clearly, the PRO9150 portable radio is the epitome of professionalism. Like no other business tool, it can help you achieve the highest limits of efficiency and productivity, providing you the highest level of communications control in the PRO Series.


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