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PRO 5100 MOBILE : The Practical Radio

Ideal for organizations with standard communication requirements, the PRO5100 radio provides simple yet high-performing functionality.
The signaling capabilities enable you to call individuals or groups, identify the caller, notify others you are trying to reach them even when they are away from their vehicles, or send a request for help in emergency situations.
PRO5100In addition, its 64 channels easily accommodate diverse workgroups and the dual priority scan helps ensure you will not miss important calls.
The large 14-character alphanumeric display with user-friendly icons provides easy-to-understand information, in one of four languages.
Motorola’s X-Pand™ audio enhancement and a powerful front-projecting speaker ensure superb sound clarity, even in noisy environments. The practical PR05100 mobile radio offers a powerful package to help get the job done.

14 Character Alphanumeric Display
Easy-to-understand icons provide feedback on status of features such as scan, high / low power and the strength of the received signal.

Dual Priority Scan
Use this feature for situations where you need to monitor one or two workgroups more often than the rest.

Receive Signal Strength Indicator
An icon on the display panel shows the strength of the signal being received by the radio; 5 bars indicate the strongest signal.

When receiving a selective call or Call Alert™, the sound increases gradually until the call is answered.

Emergency Alarm
The radio can be programmed to give you a one button quick access to notify the dispatcher in an emergency situation.

Radio Check
Enables you to know if a radio is on the air and within the system’s coverage without disturbing the user

Portable Radio Features
  • 64 Channels
  • PTT-ID (encode/decode)
  • Call Alert (encode/decode)
  • Voice Selective Call (encode/decode)
  • Radio Check (encode/decode)
  • Selective Radio Inhibit (decode)
  • Emergency (encode)
  • Quik -Call Signaling (encode/decode)
  • Zoning
  • Monitor
  • Dual Priority Scan
  • 14 Character Alphanumeric Display
  • Busy Channel Lockout
  • Time-Out-Timer
  • Nuisance Channel Delete
  • Interchangeable Buttons
  • CSQ / PL / DPL / Inv-DPL
  • Option Board Port

Quality / Reliability

Motorola Accelerated Life Test

Two year warranty on radio, parts and labor. One year warranty on all accessories includes antennas and microphones.

Military Standards MIL-STD 810 C, D, E

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