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SR-6000 Series
Repeaters /Base Stations

SR-6000 SeriesExtended Communication

Maxon's SR-6000 Series VHF and UHF repeaters provide an extended range of communication from your portable and mobile radios.

These repeater / base station models feature the Maxon Enduro SM-6000 Series mobiles, and provide you with dependable operation in construction sites, farm / ranch settings, warehouses, factories, transportation facilities or other large, multi-building environments.


  • 40 watts of transmit power
  • 100% duty cycle
  • preprogrammed with one tone
  • available with or without duplexer
  • programmable wide or narrow band
  • use as a base station or a repeater
  • Morse code station id
  • excellent audio quality
  • fully assembled, tuned and ready to use

Special Features

  • Regenerated CTCSS and DCS and cross tone encode.
  • Reverse burst and DCS turnoff code for squelch tail elimination
  • Compact and lightweight, with convenient carrying handle
  • Cooling fan
  • Optional base station microphone (ACC-702)

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