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SR-125 Single User repeaters


Increased Efficiency

SR-125Maxon's economical SR-125 Series single user VHF and UHF repeaters deliver 2 or 5 Watt RF output power and wide or narrow channel operation.

The SR-125V and SR-125U repeaters each include two built-in, fully programmable SD-125 RF link modules; the SR-125DV and SR-125DU each include a built-in 6-cavity duplexer and the SD-125 RF link modules.

The SR-125 Series repeaters can effectively double the range of the portables in your system, making them ideal for use in places such as manufacturing plants, golf courses, parks, campgrounds and office buildings.



  • Choice of VHF and UHF models with or without a 6-cavity duplexer
  • Pre-programmed with one of 38 standard CTCSS tones
  • Time-out-timer prevents permanent key-downs (settings from 0-15 minutes)
  • TX Hang-on keeps the RF link module keyed to prevent tone squelch tail after a transmission
  • Lightweight, wall-mountable cabinet weighs under 7 lbs., and is compact enough for desktop use
    (6" h x 7.125" w x 9.25" d)

Special features

  • PC Programmable
  • 2 or 5 Watt power output (4W with duplexer)
  • 38 Standard CTCSS tones
  • Optional 6-cavity duplexer
  • Narrow band operation
  • Standard BNC antenna connectors
  • Wall-mount bracket included



SR-125V / SR-125U

SR-125DV / SR-125DU

Frequency Range (MHz): 138 - 174 440 - 470 138 - 174 440 - 470
Transmit Power: 2 or 5W 2 or 4W

Channel Spacing (MHz):

12.5 / 25
Duplexer No  Yes, 6-cavity
CTCSS Tones: 1
TX Hang-on: Yes
Automatic Squelch: Yes
Power Supply: 110V AC

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