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BASE TECH IIHigh Performance, Continuous-Duty, Multi-Mode Base/Repeater Station.
  • Uncompromising Quality
    The Base Tech II Repeater specifications exceed those of any other equipment in its price class. It is designed for exceptional reliability and flexibility
  • Built-In Reliability
    Rated for Continuous duty, this station is built to withstand even the most severe working conditions, 24 hours a day, It is fully protected from high temperature and high VSWR by automatically adjusting its output power to a save level until conditions return to normal
  • Flexible Multi-channel Capability
    The Base Tech II Repeater is designed to be custom-figured to meet your exact system requirements. The standard unit has a 99 channel capacity, with CTCSS programmable by channel
  • Everything You Need On A High Performance Station
    The Base Tech II Repeaters are programmable by channel for direct or repeat operation. Monitor function is available from the front panel. Relative TX Power and RX signal strength are display in a bar graph format. Built-in COR (carrier operated relay) and TOT (time-out-timer)
  • VOIP Remote Control
    Enhanced dispatch control unit with intelligent scan over your PC network

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