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PL-5000 Series
VHF /UHF Scanning Portables


Loud and Clear Communications

Choice of models: PL5161 (VHF) or PL5164 (UHF)PL-5000 Series

These function-rich radios are approved to military standards for durability, ensuring good performance in hardworking environments like building sites, warehouses and factories.
Enhanced audio keeps your messages heard "loud and clear" by those you communicate with during your business day.

1 or 5 Watts output power:
Provides dependable communication in multi-level buildings or on large job sites.

8-Character alphanumeric display:
Shows channel and radio status information at a glance.

Programmable 2-tone decode w/alarm:
Programmable per-channel for individual tone, group tone, and super group tones; alarm sounds when tones are decoded.

Privacy tones:
38 Standard, 11 non-standard CTCSS tones and 104 DCS tones keep your conversations private and prevent unwanted calls.

Other programmable functions:
Channel scan, channel spacing, TX inhibit, time-out-timer, battery save and other radio functions are easily programmed.

Features / Functions

  • 16 Channels of operation.
  • 8-Character alphanumeric display.
  • 1 or 5 Watts output power.
  • VOX operation.
  • Multiple scan modes.
  • Two tone decode with alarm (Motorola format).
  • Approved to MIL-STD810F specifications.
  • Scan channel delete.
  • Busy channel lockout.
  • Programmable CTCSS / DCS Tones.
  • 38 Standard, 111 non-standard CTCSS tones and 104 DCS tones.
  • Wide / narrow channel spacing.
  • Tx Inhibit.
  • Die cast aluminum frame, polycarbonate cabinet.
  • Locking accessory connector.
  • Battery save circuitry.
  • Spring belt clip.
  • Tri-color status LED indicator.
  • FCC Certified  for use in USA and its possession; Industry Canada Approved for sale /use in Canada.

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