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ProLine PL2215P / PL2245P
VHF /UHF Scanning Portables


Ready to Work Easy to Use

The Legacy ProLine Series combines simple operation, versatile performance with rugged durability.

Both the PL2215P (VHF) and PL2245P (UHF) portables have 2 channel operation, PC programmable software options (including time-out-timer and scan) and a rugged die-cast aluminum / polycarbonate cabinet.

These radios are ideal for: construction, warehousing, retail chains, school districts, manufacturing, building maintenance, nurseries / landscaping and much more.

Choice of 2 Watt / 2 channel VHF or UHF models
Choose the radio that's right for your needs from the PL2215P (VHF) or the PL2245P (UHF)

Programmable channel scan
Keep up-to-date with conversations on all programmed channels

Privacy tones
38 Standard, 11 non-standard CTCSS tones and 104 DCS tones prevent your radio from receiving unwanted calls; programmable 2-tone decode is ideal for use by rural Public Safety personnel

Meets MIL-STD810F specifications
Allows reliable use in rugged conditions like light rain, humidity, dust, vibration and shock

Locking accessory connector
Keeps your radio accessories securely attached during demanding use

Accessories / Options

Batteries: 750 mAh NiMH Battery pack (ACC-201); 1350 mAh NiMH Battery pack (ACC-202)
Antenna: VHF Antenna, 6", 148-174 MHz (ACC-115); UHF Antenna, 6", 450-490 MHz (ACC-145)

Chargers: Single unit desktop "slow" charger (ACC-410); Single unit desktop "fast" charger (ACC-412);
6-Station universal gang charger (ACC-460); Charger cup for use with ACC-460 charger (ACC-461)

Audio: Ultra-lite headset with locking connector (ACC-616); Ear hook speaker microphone with in-line P-T-T and locking connector (ACC-715); Speaker microphone with ear jack , locking connector (ACC-714); Heavy Duty speaker microphone with audio earphone jack (ACC-727); Coil-cord earphone, used with ACC-727,
(QPA-1424); Ear speaker, for use with ACC-714 speaker microphone (WTA-9F)

Carrying: Leather case (ACC-302); Leather case with swivel (ACC-304A); Nylon case (ACC-303)

Adaptor: 2-Pin to 1-pin accessory adaptor (ACC-506)

Features / Functions

  • 2 Channel, 2 Watt VHF model PL2215P; UHF model PL2245P.
  • Programmable wide or narrow channel spacing.
  • Meets MIL-STD810F specifications.
  • 38 Standard, 11 non-standard CTCSS tones; 104 DCS tones.
  • Programmable two-tone decode.
  • Programmable scan.
  • Locking single-pin accessory connector.
  • TX Inhibit.
  • Time-out-timer.
  • Battery save circuitry.
  • Die-cast aluminum frame, polycarbonate cabinet.
  • Tri-color LED.
  • Spring steel belt clip.
  • Manufactured under ISO 9002 quality standards.
  • FCC Certified for use in U.S.A. and its possessions and IC approved for sale in Canada.

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