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Low Band


Frequency Range 36-42MHz (B Band)
42-50MHz (C Band)
150-174MHz  450-470MHz (B Band)
Channels 120 (320 optional)

Channel Spacing

20kHz 12.5/25/30kHz (sel. by ch)
Channels Stepping 2.5kHz  2.5/5.0/6.25kHz 5.0/6.25kHz 
Maximum Channel Separation 6/8MHz 24MHz 20MHz
Maximum Offset Frequency 6/8MHz 24MHz 20MHz
Reference Oscillator 12.8MHz TCXO
Duty Cycle 1 minute TX, 4 Minute RX
(correspond to EIA 20%)
Power Supply 13.6VDC Negative Ground
Operating Voltage Range (*1) 12.2 to 15.0 V
Absolute Voltage Range (*2) 10.5 to 16.3 V
Current Drain at Standby: 0.4A (approx) Standby: 400mA
Normal Test Condition Receive: 2.5A (approx) Transmit: 10A (approx)
RF Impedance 50 ohms
Operation Temperature -30� to +60�C
Relative Humidity 90� @ 50�C �2�C 
Nominal Dimensions (hwd) 2.75 x 7.25 x 8.75 (in)
69 x 184 x 222 (mm)
Weight 6.0 lbs. (2.7kg)
Mil Spec MIL 810 C/D/E Rain, Salt, Fog, Vibration and Temperature

The basic TX/RX unit can be configured as a dash-mount radio by plugging either the 70-2202 or 70-2203 control head into the front of the unit. It can be configured as a trunk-mount radio with a trunk-mount front cap and cable, and either the 70-2202 or 70-2203 control heads mounted as remote control heads.

(*1): �Operating� means all the specifications of TIA/EIA-603 are met.
(*2): �Absolute� means the unit remains operational without damage. Complies with NTIA specifications
Frequency Stability �.00025% (-30� to +60� C)
Sensitivity  (12 dB SINAD) 0.25�V
RX Selectivity WB -85dB
RX Selectivity NB -80dB
RX Internal Rejection WB -80dB
RX Internal Rejection NB -75dB
RX Spurious Rejection WB -85dB
RX Spurious Rejection NB -80dB
Frequency Separation
(@full-rated specs)
6/8 MHz min. 24 MHz min. 20/27 MHz min.
Acceptable Radio
Frequency Displacement
40% of rated system deviation
Intermodulation (�50/100kHz): -80dB (�25kHz): -80dB
(�12.5/15kHz): -80dB
Squelch Sensitivity 0.18�V max
Audio output
(@ 3% distortion or less)
(int) 5 Watts
(ext) 10 Watts
Input Impedance


RF Power Output

60 Watts Low Power
110 Watts High Power

50 Watts Low Power
110 Watts High Power

40 Watts Low Power
100 Watts High Power
Frequency Stability �.2.5 PPM (-30� to +60� C)    
Modulation (direct FM) 16KOF3E @ 5kHz max. 11KOF3E @ 2.5kHz max.
16KOF3E @ 2.5kHz max.
Frequency Separation
(@ full-rated specs)
6/8MHz 24MHz
TX Unwanted Emissions WB -80dB
TX Unwanted Emissions NB -80dB
FM Hum and Noise


Audio Response Per EIA/TIA-603 Specifications
Audio distortion
(@ 60% deviation)

2% (Int.)

Output Impedance

75 dB

Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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