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Vehicular Repeaters Series
 High Performance Mobile Radios Repeater

Get the same coverage with portables that you get from your mobiles.

Titan Vehicular Repeater

  • Gives a portable the effective range and flexibility of a mobile
  • Space saving, internal installation in Titan mobiles
  • Synthesized design allows up to 16 repeaters frequencies, control by mobile channel selection
  • All this capability at an affordable price!


Give Your Portable All The Range Of Your Mobile.
Portables are extremely useful, but limited in range and capability. So, when you exit your vehicle carrying a portable radio you may all to often find it doesn�t have the �punch� to reach into your system. Result: no communication unless you return to your vehicle and use its mobile. That can range from merely inconvenient to hazardous, depending on your duties and your immediate situation.
A vehicular repeater allows your portable to �team up� with your mobile to use the mobile�s greater power, range receiver characteristics and more efficient antenna to maintain contact with your base and system repeaters. With a vehicle repeater, you can scan, use priority channels and, in fact, get virtually all the flexibility of your mobile ---- from your portable.

How The Titan Vehicular Repeater Operates
The Titan vehicular repeater lets portable users who leave their vehicles communicate into their system with the power, performance, and flexibility of Titan mobiles. A portable transmission (at say 2 Watts) is received by the vehicular repeater. It keys the Titan which retransmits it on the mobile channel (at perhaps 110 Watts) along with any programmed selective signal. Incoming messages received by the mobile are retransmitted by the vehicular repeater (at 1 Watt) to the portable.
The portable �hears� everything the mobile does, including priority messages and the scan channels, depending on how the mobile is set up when the user leaves the vehicle. Keying the portable causes the mobile to transmit on the priority channel, just as in normal Titan operation. So you can be a considerable distance from your vehicle with your portable and be assured that you wont miss incoming messages, or be prevented from sending messages due to terrain, distance and power limitations on the portable.

Can You Use Vehicular Repeater Performance?
Vehicular repeaters have enormous potential for increasing both the safety and efficiency of operations. In public safety they are ideal for EMS, highway patrol and motorcycle officers or fireground commanders. With the vehicular repeater, your are never out of touch with your dispatcher or other officers, even when you are out of your vehicle.
Effective out-of-vehicle communications capability is just as important for scores of other situations: security patrols, safety inspectors, utility operations, oil and gas exploration and production, forestry and conservation, railroad line crews, construction supervisors and crews, delivery services and many more. In fact, vehicular repeaters are needed wherever reliable portable communication is important for personnel whose activities requires them to work away from their vehicles.


Nothing compares to the capability, performance and flexibility of the Titan mobile: 320 channels available in 40 groups, synthesized design, field programmability, priority scanning and a host of other features makes it the leading high-performance mobile in the market.
Your Vehicular Repeater is design to be a perfect match for the Titan mobile. Its installed internally to save vehicle space and cabling. It delivers all the performance of the Titan mobile to any brand of portable.

Easy internal Installation, Simple To Operate
The Titan Vehicular Repeater is an industry-exclusive design, no awkward add-on boxes that takes up space in already cramped vehicles and no unreliable, hard-to-install extra cabling. The only cabling required is for the necessary second mobile antenna, and connection to a vehicular portable charger, if desired.
Smart installation is the beginning. you�ll find operation of the Titan Vehicular Repeater is remarkably simple, too. You can choose to operate the repeat function with a front panel enable/disable switch on the mobile. you can configure the system to automatically activate the vehicular repeater whenever the portable is removed from a vehicular charger. Or you can program specific Titan channels to automatically activate the repeater when selected.

Multi-Vehicle Logic Package Option
You can also �customized� the capability of your Titan Vehicle Repeater with some very important options. Say you are operating in an environment with several vehicular repeater equipped with mobiles and several portables, such as on a �multi-repeater option� prevent interference by automatically designating one mobile unit at a time as the �master repeater� and disabling the others. The method used to do this is completely compatible with existing Motorola and GE vehicular repeaters.

Portable Priority Interrupt Option
This option prevents the portable user from being locked out of the system during conditions when the mobile receiver is constantly active. With �Priority Interrupt� any transmission from the portable to the vehicular repeater automatically shuts off the mobile�s receiver and turns on its transmitter. This provides the portable with the same system access that the mobile itself has in those conditions. In addition, the Titan vehicular repeater can transmit an �acknowledge� signal back to the portable so the user knows that he/she has captured the vehicular repeater.

Repeater Talk-Thru Option
With the Repeater Talk-Thru option, the person in the vehicle can use the mobile microphone to talk to the portable. Standard operation of the option is factory-set so that the mobile user transmits on both the vehicular repeater and on the mobile channel simultaneously.
The option can be configured so that the Talk-Thru is automatically selected whenever the vehicular repeater is in operation, or it can be set to be activated only by a push-button on the mobile control head.
Without this option, someone remaining in the vehicle can hear the messages from the portable user which are being repeated, but can�t talk back to the portable -- keying the mobile PTT causes the mobile to transmit only on the selected mobile transmitter frequency.

Even the price is outstanding
The Titan Vehicular Repeater is simply the most outstanding vehicular repeater available today. And because of its innovating engineering it mates to the high-performance Titan mobile.

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